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Sounds fair. Let me think about it though. I really should pay off some of my preorder kits first. But if you still have her in a week or so, I might get her. Don’t hold her for me though. :wink:


Ok lol I definitely want Charles and the minky outfit and if u ll keep my tab running I ll wait to see bonnets before I pay :slight_smile:


@Katinafleming no worries, I’m not in a rush to sell her :wink: You already paid for your other items, so I have no problem waiting for you to decide (plus you know I’m going to post a few more collages of stuff lol)

@Tungaro Ok, they are on your list and I will hang on to them while you wait to see if anything else catches your eye :wink:


I just had to order new bodies for my Enya and Finley. I was hoping to list one today and one tomorrow. Now I have to wait for bodies that don’t make them look deformed. So it may be even longer before I sell a doll. :tired_face:


I just went diving into my stash to pull out tutus and bonnets and came across some smaller stuff and more accessories, going to grab some pics and then post another round of photos

Ladies that have already paid your invoices- no worries, if you happen to see anything else you want, I haven’t shipped your packages yet. So you can add them on and I can package them with your other items!! @CaribbeanAzure @Bec1273 @MaryJane @Charlene08


@Katinafleming What bodies do they use? I have a few different sizes and limb variations- I wont get around to completing a doll any time soon so I would be happy to help you out :wink:


They need 3/4 arm, full leg. I already ordered them. But I’ll message you a list of other bodies I’ll be needing soon. I have to make a list first. But right now I have to go feed the chickens then go get my boys. So not sure when I’ll fit in doll body list making. :wink:


I love frilly bonnets with frilly dresses



Add the yellow flower bonnet and the denim Mickey Mouse jacket to my stash please. :slight_smile:


You got it dude :+1:


I’d like the white bonnet and probably more… Still looking. :slight_smile:


I’d like the p/nb mohair bonnet added to my order if it’s still available!


I’m interested in prices and sizes for these please:



@ashleyfox98 let me know if you have trouble seeing the prices, I cant tell on my phone if it will be large enough


I’ll take the legendary outfit please. :slight_smile: I wish there were more bigger kits out there!


I know!! I find so many cute things that are 3+ month size. I was excited when I got Emmy just because I can buy bigger clothes and shoes!


What are you asking for the baby shoes?



Please add a wooden paci clip and the blue flower headband to my tab lol -will u be adding anything else or is it time to settle up -just let me know and I ll pm you my info :slight_smile:


I am interested in Paisley Ann and Ylenia - my zip is 77536 if you can give me the total. thank you!