Outfits for tiny mermaid michell

I’m trying to find something my tiny mermaid mishell can wear but not having any luck. Does anyone know of someone who makes little outfits that may work for a mermaid? Thanks

I don’t know about tiny Mermaid but I have pink/white crochet dress that will fit 11" doll. It needs final touches, but I can finish it this weekend if you want. I put it on top of my mini Twinkle for you to see the size. The dress if 7.5 " long.
I can sell it for $25 (including $8 shipping in a flat rate envelope).


I bought some colored Nylon stockings, cut them off, made a hole for her head and holes for her arms, then cut a second strip to tie around her waist.


Such beautiful work, Yelena!

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Thank you! Did you crochet lately?

Yes, I did! I made an outfit for Silvia (my first baby – the one I showed you a pic of), and then took it home and forgot to take pics. Maybe when I go home again I can remember to take her out and take pics. I did think about it. We are still in the hotel, and I only bring something to work on and then take it back and get something else. :slight_smile: The people here at the hotel (employees) loved it.

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I bet they did! When you’ll be home take a pictures and share. I love to see your work!

I will try to remember. One of the kitchen managers just loved her and took around to everyone that was at work! That was even before it was finished. But when I got it all done and she had shoes and socks, etc., she had to take her around again! :slight_smile: I am making a matching blanket for her outfit, but it is not completed yet. Maybe it will all be done by the time I get the pics. :slight_smile: It is actually a coordinating color as the yarn for the outfit was too small for a blanket. Thanks!

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I hope that you send all who wants to own a reborn to reborns.com.

I guess that was for me, correct? Interesting because I have been. It seems to be the most reliable place to purchase reborns.

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Yes, @Jacelyn5440, it was for you :grinning:

After seeing a mermaid that Julia @jubileej posted, I think I can crochet a small cardigan (like the top of the dress that I pictured) in these colors.
@kissnangel Let me know if you want me to do that for $10 plus shipping.


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Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I actually found a little dress that fits her that a had for a smaller baby. I wasn’t aware Mishell would wear that small of a size. Thank you for offering.

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I can’t tell from the photo, can you post another picture please? I have 2 mermaids! :heart::heart::heart:

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I was trying to show blue variety of colors of that yarn, but Yes, I’ll take the picture of the yarn when I’ll get home.

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Awesome!!! :heart::heart:

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Here, @nikkiroc, this is the yarn that I though that might work for a mermaid’s cardigan or a whole dress. May be with a little white scallops at the edges. You can embellish it with he little white pearl beads in front.