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I am told this is good mohair though I haven’t tried it yet.


The darker colors are harder to get the mohair to take, especially the blacks and dark browns. Some blonds don’t take well either and you really do better using a light brown hair color for a blonde hair as it will look blond rooted. Some of the darker colors will come out with a purple or green hue. If that happens buy a different brand and just redye that batch of mohair. It is trial and error some times and I have had to redo the blacks until I found one that worked as well. I recently bought some black hair color from Big Lots that worked really well but I can’t remember what brand it was. When I figure it out I will post it here.

I am rooting a baby with the Mohair and Wool mohair now and it is nice,
but the only thing that I don’t care for about it is that it is kind of tangly in the bag and when I pull it out, I have to go through the strands to even them up to root with it.
I seem to have a lot of waste with it.
It is also very curly (but that’s OK with the doll I am doing right now). If you are expecting it to be straight or slightly wavy, this is not that kind of mohair.
JMO on the Mohair and Wool. It is not bad, for the price, just not like Sugargliderus or Delta Dawn’s.

Great post…thanks!

Found a grasshopper leg in my raw mohair! 7 ounces for 10.00 just have worked on it all morning. First I am bleaching mine in bleach water & letting it soak & rinsed all of that & now I am soaking it in Downey fabric softner & then I will let it dry after rinsing & put a hair color on it. I have heard it can be died with cranberries, coffee & tea with good results besides regular hair color. Might try the coffee on a small amount! Will let you know! LOL Treating it like material as it is used for material for sweaters & stuff.

I just dyed some mohair with human hair dye and it came out great! I used curly mohair and used a brown-black color. I let it set for about 3 hrs then rinsed conditioned and rinsed again. I think I will definitely do it this way again. Thanks for the great directions!

I have gotten mohair and Alpaca from Gloria Lowell (that’s her site that was shown) and I dye it with Revlon Colorsilk. I also had alot of difficulty and waste with her curly kid mohair but the alpaca did several dolls and was very silky and shiny. It’s on this doll I just did!


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This baby is beautiful. I ordered some beautiful chestnut mohair from Gloria Lowell, but she only had the Alpaca in white. Anxious to receive it & see how it looks. Working on Joey & Josie twins & don’t know how to post pictures here yet! This sit always confuses me a bit! LOL

What about people with allergies, don’t you think the mohair ordered from Secrest, or Bountiful is processed enought to prevent the problem with people that have allergies. Recently had a lady wanting to order a doll for Christmas & her daughter has allergies; and had to ask her if about the mohair thing. I suggested wigs synthetic & other types of hair, or painted hair. I hate to lose a sale, but have heard this before from another reborner about her son with asthma & mohair a problem…Lots of people want to order for their children & guess you just have to bring that up if selling to a child.

Alpaca is not Mohair. Mohair is from a goat. Alpaca fleece is a lustrous and silky natural fiber. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and bears no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Without lanolin, it does not repel water. It is also soft and luxurious. In physical structure, alpaca fiber is somewhat akin to hair, being very glossy.

I have a huge amount of raw mohair too & it is a pretty long process to clean it. I put it in a large baggie with some bleach water for an hour then rinse it & put in some downey softner in water & let it set. Some people don’t recommend bleach, but hair needs to be bleached out a bit to remove the lanolin cover in order to color hair. Really had trouble with the red tones turning purple & think best to buy the red tones. Dark brown hair colors work pretty good & blondes & can use coffee soak to get a good brown or tea. Think you can use cranberries. I had a paper that I have lost & some food dies work well. The coffee works well to remove a violet color if try to dye red unsuccessfully can go brown & nice color with the coffee. I find it is just more trouble than it is worth to me. I have’nt tried regular hair bleach on it first yet, but that may be the way to go then rinse & soften & use toner & then I find downey or fabric softner works better than human hair conditioners; unless the after color conditioners…

I´ve been dying my own mohair for years.
I buy raw mohair really cheap then I comb it out, ties it together with a piece of string in small bundles and wash it very carefully.
I always die with human haircolour. You should just see to it that you get the permanent kind of colour ( The one that covers grey hair)
I let it die as long as it takes for the colour to stick. I just check it. It takes a bit longer to colour the mohair than it takes human hair.
After the colouring I just wash it and put conditioner in it. More conditioner than I would in my own hair.
Works wonderfully.
I have dolls made in 2005 with this hair and it´s still the same colour.
I also have dolls made with non-permanent colour. It fades after a while.


Washing the mohair
The first part making sure your fiber is really clean is the most important. Any lanolin left on your mohair will oxidize over time leaving the mohair to develop a stiff sticky feeling. Too much lanolin will cause dye to rinse off in hot water or rub off your hands as you work with it as the lanolin is melted. Lanolin contains a wax and requires very hot water and lots of PH neutral soap to remove it ,

( If you use laundry soap be sure to keep the temperature below 140 or add white vinegar to prevent alkaline conditions that damage mohair, alkaline conditions combined with heat cause mohair to become dry and brittle on the tips of the locks)

I recommend synthropol concentrate ( a detergent with out all the additives)1 tsp or Dawn 1/8 cup to 8-16 oz mohair, both are neutral ph . .I repeat the soap part several times. Then do the same with the rinse. Laundry soap can be used but keep the temperature below 135-140 as it will often make the water ph 8 or higher . I avoid using ammonia and dish washer type cleaners they are very ,very, alkaline and can easily make the fiber feel harsh at the tips.

I wash in small lots of 4 -16 oz and use up to 10 changes of almost boiling water when I am using a neutral detergent ( water must be above 130 to dissolve lanolin )and a set of plastic baskets that allow the dirty water to drain out quickly.( I can just lift them out of the hot water and not disturb the curls) Never let the fiber cool in the dirty water it causes the grease and wax to be redeposited on the fiber. If you have no plastic baskets I recommend you use a net delicates bag or an onion sack , this allows you to remove and drain while still hot with out felting.

Smaller batches are easier to get clean . Remember in hot weather and with time, lanolin oxidizes and is harder to remove . Solvents remove this oxidized wax and do not damage the mohair , a small amount of turpentine , mineral spirits or orange oil solvent ( my favorite to use) added to a hot soapy soak will loosen the waxes from the hair and leave a very silky feel to the fiber .( be sure to use good ventilation ) the petroleum based solvents will need a few extra washes and an airing to get rid of the smell. Which is why I use the orange solvent It smells wonderful and is made from citrus peel oil. I love the orange cleaner to get rid of the heavy unpleasant scent of buck and ram fleeces as well as the occasional fleeces that come in smelling of cigarette smoke .

Never use Chlorine bleach on mohair , it damages the hair and leaves it very harsh and too much will dissolve hair . ( drop a small lock into a cup with a bit of bleach and check it in a few hours !)

The oxygen bleaches that have no chlorine can be used to lighten stains

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I am rooting a baby with the Mohair and Wool mohair now and it is nice,
but the only thing that I don’t care for about it is that it is kind of tangly in the bag and when I pull it out, I have to go through the strands to even them up to root with it.
I seem to have a lot of waste with it.

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I have not had any issues at all with Mohairhouse mohair being tangled or having any waste at all. I don’t buy the raw, I buy the washed natural light colors. Usually I get her F. Adult in either strawberry or strawberry mix. It is a little bit more textured than kid mohair and doesn’t frizzy or fly away. I love it! I have no waste at all with this mohair and it is usually wavy not too curly.

Here are a couple babies I recently rooted with this mohair that I dyed myself.

Patty by Angie Jones

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I have dyed mohair in the past and I always use Loreal Preference # 4 dark brown, I leave it on 1 hr, rinse well and then condition well and rinse again, It is brown with no red highlights and the color is permanent.