Out of stock

BB is my favorite site to buy stuff from. But everytime I want something lately they are OUT OF STOCK. It is frustrating. I have only been reborning a year so I don’t know if this is a new thing or has it always been like this.

We are guessing that you are mostly referring to the out-of-stock kits? (if this is incorrect, then what are you referring to?).

Anyway, we are working hard to address the out-of-stock situation on so many kits. We should have more of the following 12 kits in about 3 weeks:

Amber, Avery, Byron, Chrisy, Drew, Eden, Ember, Sera, Joey, Kaya, Kendal, Kyle

The following link gives up-to-date information on our out-of-stock kits:

Hope this helps!

Bountiful Baby