Our nieces now have their babies!


Robin and I went over to our sisters house last week and were able to give our nieces, Mackenzie and Kiley, their babies (our 3rd and 4th reborns). Both Mackenzie and Kiley LOVE their reborns!!! Mackenzie named her baby Katie and Kiley’s baby is Aurora (sometimes Aurora changes to a boy named Happy). We have to call the reborns ‘babies’ because it hurts Katies and Auroras feelings if they are called dolls. Robin and I also provided each baby with 2 blankets, 2 sets of clothes, 2 pj’s, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 hats and 1 stuffed animal and 1 headband.

After Mackenzie and Kiley spent about 30 minutes changing the babies clothes many times, we took pictures of Mackenzie and Kiley with Katie and Aurora. We also took group pictures of Mackenzie, Kiley, Katie, Aurora, Alyc and Makyli. Alyc and Makyli were our 1st 2 reborns we made that now belong to Mackenzie and Kiley’s mom (Alycia) and roommate (Shelly). During pictures Mackenzie and Kiley would tell Katie and Aurora ‘look at mommy’, ‘smile’ and ‘you are such a good girl’. It was so cute!!!

After pictures we went out to dinner, Katie and Aurora JUST HAD to come too!!! Mackenzie and Kiley were such proud mommies!!! They showed their babies to anyone who walked by. They also spent more time feeding Katie and Aurora then they spent eating their own dinners. It was SOOOO AMAZING to get a glimps into what great mothers they will be in the future!!!

After dinner it was time to put Katie and Aurora to bed. The girls had to make sure their babies were wrapped snuggley in their blankets. They spent time reading (or telling them) bedtime stories and the babies couldn’t fall asleep without lullabys.

Several days a go I saw everyone again. Even before Mackenzie said ‘hi Aunt Amber’ she said ‘I’m still taking real good care of Katie’. Kiley then said ‘I’m taking care of my baby too.’. They they both were explaining to me that Katie and Aurora were at home taking naps and that they dont cry at night. Mackenzie said that Katie is 1 week old now and is walking and is in pre-school. Kiley said that Aurora is also 1 week old and is walking, talking and is in kindergarten. Arurora also only cry’s when nobody is around. I was laughing hard and was so happy as they were describing their babies and the things they are doing.

Robin and I are so glad that Mackenzie and Kilye LOVE their babies so much!!! Alycia and Shelly love their dolls also. Alycia and Shelly’s keep their dolls out on the front couch so everyone can see them. When Katie and Aurora aren’t in the girls’ arms, they are sleeping on their beds. They play with them all day long and sleep with them all night long. Here are some pictures. ENJOY!!!

Mackenzie with Katie and Kiley with Aurora

Kiley holding Makyli and Aurora Mackenzie holding Alyc and Katie

Makyli, Aurora, Alyc and Katie


Great follow-up! Isn’t it wonderful to make a child smile? Hopefully these little girls will always remember what great Aunts they had!


So precious I’m glad to get to see your “babies” so well loved. Can’t wait to see your next babies.


Aww, those little girls look so happy with their babies. I would have given anything to have had a doll like that when I was a little girl. They are lucky to have not one, but two aunts like you.


Lucky little girls - I’ll bet their friends are so jealous!! They sure do look proud

Beautiful children.