Our little stud! Lol


Our Barney (miniature schnauzer) is being studded tomorrow :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll get a new pup from this encounter. Can’t wait!!


Oh how fun a new puppy!


Oh my, they are precious! We had one for 13 yrs. He has been gone now 10 yrs. I was looking at puppies online a few days ago. Do you know how much you will sell them for?


I won’t have anything to do with that…it’ll be up to the owners of the female




Handsome boy!


Awww. Keep us updated.


We have a silver male Miniature Schnauzer and a white female that just now is in the end of her heat. We have been working hard to not make babies.


He’s been trying, but just not “hitting the mark” so to speak :wink:


He is adorable. Aaah puppy breath in the future.