Our first potential custom!

We just got a message from a woman who saw pictures of the Jacob sculpt we did and she wants us to make one for her now. We are both SOOOO EXCITED!!! We wrote her back and told her we would be thrilled to make her a Little One to celebrate her daughter who also is a mirco preemie. We hope we hear from her soon so we can get started. Wish us luck!!!

Wow ,good luck with your order,i reckon i would need to do 20 more reborns before i would be good enough to sell one,so you have done very well.I hope it results in your first sale.be sure to show us,i love looking at pictures of other peoples reborns,i am trying to put some photos on but I am having trouble doing it.

Good luck ladies, It will be so much fun to do a custom.

   Hugs Tina

Congrats on your first order. It can be scary but just have faith in yourselves, take a deep breath, take your time and enjoy the wonderful feeling you will get when she writes back how much she loves the doll.

Congrats! How wonderful for you!

I know your customer sees the love that you put into your reborns.
Best of luck!

That’s great! Congratulations to both of you!