Our Final Joseph Awake Prototype is on eBay Now!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We are pleased to announce our final Realborn® prototype of Joseph Awake, who was perfectly reborn by Silvia Ezquerra. This will be the last Joseph Awake prototype to hit eBay before his release. Silvia did a wonderful job capturing the likeness of the real baby. His auction is a must see! http://r.ebay.com/CTfFfS.

To sign up to be notified when he is released, be sure to click on the “Email Me When Restocked” button in his item description: http://www.bountifulbaby.com/?tiny=254507. This happy little guy will be available to purchase very soon!


Bountiful Baby


So cute! I can not wait for his kit!


He is absolutely adorable!!

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Oh how I love that little smile. I have got to have this one, a happy boy, love him.

I am in love with this one too. I was wishing they would do this one when I was looking at the real baby pictures.
Any idea when he will be in stock?

It says mid Jan.

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I have someone wanting a custom of him, so looking forward to working on him.