Other areas?

Nevin, will we be able to participate in all of the topics?

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Bountiful Baby, will we be able to participate in all of the topics?

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All message boards are active and open, with the exception of the Anatomical Models message board (which will remain closed for a few more months).

Many of the old message boards have been trimmed away and no longer exist, but their contents were first merged into the remaining message boards, with the exception that any topic that had not been visited (viewed by anyone) since 9/1/09 has been trimmed away. In other words, if several months went by and nobody even bothered to look at an old topic, it obviously wasn’t needed. So it was trimmed away.

Also, any “For Sale” post older than the end of November have been trimmed away, as well as all of the old “Off Topic” posts.

After trimming the above-named topics and posts, members of the old forum who had no remaining posts on record have also been trimmed. This means that anyone who had not posted since 9/1/09 has been dropped, as well as anyone who only posted in the “For Sale” or “Off Topic” sections (but they can reapply if they wish).

Then, of the remaining old forum members, anyone whose forum email address could not be identified in our customer database has also been dropped. This eliminated accounts that had old invalid email addresses, but they can also reapply if they wish.

Bountiful Baby

Thanks. That is what I did.
Hi Jo!!!

Jo who is your siggy baby? ADORABLE!!!

Hi Beth & Nicole! My signature baby is Ana by Manuella Muth.