Oscar, my version from "Kevin" kit


I just finished Oscar, reborned from Manuela Muth’s “Kevin” sculpt .
I did’nt like very much the blank kit, but I’m surprised…he turned out very sweet…I’m in love now.
I gave him painted hair and light brown mohair rooted on top.
I hope you all will like him too. I’m selling him in my web site.

Thank you very much for having a peak.


I’m in love now, too! What a sweet, sweet baby boy! Just gorgeous!



he turned out very precious…just an adorable little guy…great work…


Thank you very much to all of you for your kind words about little Oscar!


Oh! He’s gorgeous! I just want to pick him up and give him a cuddle! Awesome job on this little guy!


He’s stunning. I love him!


What a cutie, One question… How can you give that cutie up?

      Hugs Tina


Ooooo! Totally gorgeous, I’m in love!


beautiful work, just beautiful


Aw, he is so darn cute. So innocent looking.


Thank you, girls, your nice comments make me really happy.

I’m also over the moon because the Kevin kit producer, Puppen Traumland of Germany (Little Dream Collection partner in Europe) has decided to put a pic of my little Oscar in their web site, just next the pics of the prototypes made by Debbie (Debbie’s Day Dreams) and Lorraine (Distinctive Reborns).
To be next to such admired artist is sooooooo great for me!

All I want in life is to make better and better babies…I don’t mind to let them go because I need the money to make more ones (adictions are strong) and…its a big pleasure to make happy the costumers that buy them.

After three years reborning, you make me feel that I’m in the good way, so…THANK YOU ALL! For beeing there and for all the help I always get from BB friends. That means a lot for a poor lonley reborner here, in South Europe



Thanks a lot, girls, and don’t worry, I never forget you when I’ll be on the top and everything! Juassss (that is LOL in spanish).