Organizing supplies


I always had to work at the kitchen table, constantly packing it up, and pulling it out. Hubby also loves watching tv w me, hated that I had to sit in the kitchen to Reborn. So he was very motivated to make this cart for me lol


I love that. You have everything you need, can paint while watching TV, and then you can roll it out of site when you’re done. Best idea ever! :heart:


Thank you, I will tell him you said so :grin:


That s the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Ok, Im going to straighten up my room to show off, I got sidetracked…again. However here are a couple things that i bought from Michaels’ and I noticed, they are having a SALE!.

This looks cool, layers sold separately, and there’s a layer for the bottom with wheels.image|500x500
these are 30$ but 40% off.


Those bins! I neeeeed those :heart_eyes:


You all inspired me to get more organized. I always think I need more mohair…maybe not lol!
Just need to get a 3 ring binder


I use the mottling jars too and it keeps things alot more neat and organized. Love it!