Organizing supplies


Target is where I got mine 22$


I think it went up! My target shows they have 4 in stock for 29.99
Hey, I’ll take it!!!
Thank you so much!!!


I saw it on sale. With Target it will be on sale next week lol Michaels has them to and has a coupon and probably on clearance. I checked it is 30 and may be smaller. I like mine because 2 if the plastic boxes fit side by side and can stack on to of one another to. In the top I have a makeup divider.


I just tried to get one of the cute rolling carts at michaels today and tried to use a coupon but they said it was excluded from coupons :sob:


Try Target even if you wait a week or two it will go on sale.


Boo! :tired_face:


this looks like my table, especially after painting a baby! then I say I can’t paint cause my table is too messy, lol…its a vicious cycle.


My wash and mottling color jars idea came from Shaylen Maxwell’s video. They are from IKEA, as well as the storage bins and organizer. On top of the IKEA storage unit, I organize eyes, extra paints, mediums, eyelashes, mohair, COAs, etc., in the smaller drawer organizers you can find in most office supply sections. Glass beads and poly pellets are in the bins with the blue lids…easy finds from the Walmart storage section. The paint brush holders are sugar free drink mix containers. The sponge holder with the paint jars is a lunchmeat container. The clear containers that are holding all the paints and jars came from WalMart.


That looks so nice!!! Thank you for the links!!! :heart:



Thank you for this idea. I went to Walmart and bought a binder, dividers, page protectors, and pretty cardstock. Now my mohair is neatly sorted by color. I love this set up because it accommodates all the different kinds of packages the mohair comes in. My original plan was to label each sleeve, but that’s not necessary since I can just slide the whole original package inside the sleeve. :slight_smile:

One task down, now to move on to some y’all others’ ideas for other supplies. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. That looks really nice! I wouldn’t have thought about putting card stock in the sheet protectors to keep everything flat.


I am definitely doing this, keep all the good ideas rolling ladies!


I like this idea and really like that storage unit. I think my dolly room needs a makeover. :grin:

Btw, how was Shaylen’s video? I had someone asking me about it not too long ago, but don’t know anyone who saw it to give a review.


I joined her tutorial group when she first created it a couple of years ago. She has added several more modules to it, including painting ethnic babies. I see many babies posted on the FB pages painted with her tutorials and most of them are nicely done for first timers. I have bought/watched so many tutorials throughout the years. I always take away something new, even though I have my own way of painting. Overall, I would recommend hers. I think it’s relatively expensive, though. There are others that are good, too, for much cheaper.


I have my washes in those jars too. I bought them for spices a couple of years back but spices dried out. Couldn’t find another use for them until I started painting.


I have a shoebox full of those ikea spice jars and just didn’t know what to repurpos them for when I didn’t need them for spices, thanks for the idea


I know I shared this on a different thread awhile back but this is my portable, compact work station my hubby repurposed for me.




I’m getting desk envy :joy:
Everyone has such lovely organised work spaces!