Organizing supplies


I have one of these too, I love it


I use one close to this on wheels. Each drawer is designated for a reborning step.


What is this called? I want to look for one! Do you remember where you bought it?


IKEA sells them


Target has the same cart for 20.00 :slight_smile:


Wow!!! Thanks ladies!!! I’m going to get one!!!


I got one just like it at Michael’s and use it all the time. I’ve got paint in the top, sponges in the middle and glues, etc in the bottom.


I love that its open and portable! It even has wheels! Wooooh!!!


It’s awesome, you’ll love it!


This and a new table and I’ll be good to go!


My big work desk doesn’t look this neat right now, but you can get the idea of how I converted a big desk to hold most of my baby-making supplies. The boxes are shoebox size and came from Michael’s. They are perfect for keeping plugs and rings, eyes and lashes, zip ties, magnets, pacifiers, etc all organized in separate containers. My weighting materials are in the bottom in plastic bins, and I’ve got a couple of rolling zippered bags that hold polyfil. I can sit at the desk and have everything I need to put a baby together…so much better than when I had stuff scattered all over the house!


I love :heart:️ it!!!


Thanks Nikki, that’s me trying to be neat and organized. Usually things look more like the top of my painting table does in this photo! LOL


Yea… that’s about right!!!:joy::joy::joy:


Somehow I knew you’d understand! LOLOL


I have something similar for my sewing stuff, it’s an old hairdresser caddy with 4 drawers. Very usefull !


How much is it at Michael’s?


I think it was about $30 and they have good coupons that would lower the price even more. I love mine!


That’s what I was thinking. Their coupons are awesome :heart:️️


$20 even better!