Organizing supplies


Help! Show me pictures of your organized supplies please. I need inspiration. My kits and clothes are in bins. But little things like eyes and mohair are getting the best of me. This ziplock bag mohair stash isn’t working for me. :tired_face:


So back when I had more mohair than just one pack at a time, I saw somebody who organized their mohair in a notebook with sheet protectors. I bet you could get those snap shut envelopes at the dollar store and a notebook and hole punch the bottoms of the envelopes and store them by color.


This is exactly how my mohair is :grimacing:


That’s what I use! It’s like a coupon divider thing. It’s great!!


That just gave me an idea. They have the long reciept, envelope dividers at the dollar tree. Is that what you’re talking about? Not the short ones that hold an index card but longer.


I had to move all my stash into my son’s old bedroom. Let me tidy up just a little bit and I’ll post a pic. For the life of me though, i still have limbs and paints in the kitchen, living room, study,…I like the direction I’m going with it but it’s definitely not the smartest idea i ever had. I’ll explain why when i post the pic.




Well I need me one of those, lol.


You do!! Lol :grinning::grinning::grinning:




All my supplies are dumped in a box mixed together and it is AWFUL :tired_face: I never know what I have.


I love this idea. And since it’s tax free weekend, and that’s a school supply, I should be able to find it on sale and tax free. Woo hoo! :grinning:


I have a bankers box for odds and ends that don’t belong on my work table, like eyes, magnets, hair, felt, moleskin etc. A shelf for things I use most often, paint brushes, prismas. A lazy Susan for my paints and varnishes. Now that you mentioned it, my box could use som help. I’m no help


I have an makeup case/zip up box I got as a gift and I keep my ends in there, all separated with ziplocks lol


I keep all my rooting supplies in a basket that I can bring with me to wherever I’m rooting, that way everything is in one spot and it makes it easy if I want to root elsewhere in the house. But I don’t have a ton of mohair or anything else


I love that there’s a dollar tree 5 minutes from my house.

So here is my folder i just went and bought.

And here’s my rooting box. The two little boxes are there to hold cut pieces of hair. They’re boxes from the travel qtips you buy at dollar tree. The little tube is a zipfizz container of my husband’s. It holds my rooting needles.


This has helped me a lot. Each of the bins below contains things like one for sponges one for rooting etc.


This is going to probably sound strange. I save the cardboard bottom box from the velveeta cheese. I label the end and have several. Eyes, zip ties, neck rings, wedges, etc. They fit nicely on a shelf.


I have one of those! I’m going to clean it out and use it for reborn stuff. :heart:️️


I use tool boxes, fishing boxes and little plastic cases. I also keep all boxes when I receive my orders to put in my kits and bodies, stuffing, etc.