Organized work space


Nice, I see a few things I need!


Wow so organized!! I love the peek a boo babies lol. Very nice!!


The Dollar stores girl! They got it goin’ on! :wink:


Thanks! Hoping the organization improves my crafting mojo! And yes, the babies are saying Marco Polo, lol…


You did a great job of setting up a nice place to paint babies!! You will be more comfortable now and your hobby will improve!! LOL


That’s beautiful! I love it!


Babies in one corner of my bedroom, sewing in another. Lol


I am just a beginner so I have accumulated as much stuff yet.


I have to leave space on the dinning room table for my husband to eat. I get a small corner. He also made me my drying rack.


Nice space! @Tessa I need to clean up and show mine, lol! Looks good @lisacash so nice of Hubby


Yeah, He does tend to spoil me. He has been very supportive. I think it is payback for all the years I went with him to team roping practices and competitions.


Thank you! I had a mess yesterday. But I have no choice but to clean up my space because of my pets. I close them out of my room when I’m working and then pack up before opening my door. I try my best to keep everything “pet free”. Lol. My kits are the only thing that stay out.
My two cats only come in occasionally though. They mainly stay outside, especially during the summer.


Thanks @lynn! That’s what I’m aiming for!


Love the drying rack!!! Good hubby…


Thanks dear!!!


I have a small studio and reborns have started taking over my space. It is a bit cluttered but I tend to hold onto supplies after a project.

I use the crib for photography and getting babies dressed, I have no room for it and may not keep it.


Love your studio! So cozy, inviting & creativity inspiring! I was thinking of putting up my kid’s Jenny Lind crib for photos but am torn on the space thing too…