Organized work space


I should go take a better picture, its kind of a mess here LOL


There are some great work spaces here! Wow! I have an extra bedroom but it’s small and already taken up by storage, my computer desk, two work tables for my soap business. I’ve cleared one table for painting my dolls but ugh I can’t get organized. There are no basements in Florida for storage. Ty for sharing. I knew I would like this thread and I love the ideas for organizing :slight_smile:


Mine is in our extra bedroom, we took the bed down and put it against the wall. I may have to move out though if my husbands daughter comes to stay with us and attends University here. I already have a spot picked out though, I’m going to put my table by the sliding glass doors in the living room…we never have company anyway :wink:


I think we have more than one thing in common :smile:


We never have company either!! LOL! However my Mom does come over once and a while and doesn’t like messes. I’m a crafter and hubby is a musician…There are Messes here. I can just see it now…if I move the baby things into the living/dining room…we WILL have all kinds of company, out of no where :rofl::sweat_smile:


Hahaha! Organized work space! Funny joke! Hahah!

I reborn on my living room table while my daughter plays with Legos and watches TV.


Emmy. That’s a great set up!! :two_hearts:


Organized? Work space? What’s that? I have little body parts everywhere and baby clothes and accessories are a whole other ballgame! LOL


lol!! Ty for the laugh!! Much needed lol :kissing_heart:


I have two kids with autism and my husband is a scientist which, if you don’t know are notoriously messy :wink:
I tend to be messy too but I know where everything is so as long as no one touches my mess then Im ok. Im also to the point now where Im fine with the disarray. I do like certain parts of my house to be orderly but If someone comes in my house and has a problem with doll parts and paints laying around,well too bad LOL


Oh I wish my workspace was more organized! I’ll work on that, as soon as I get my Summer Rain together and photos done.


Creative people are often messy. If I had a room just for crafts, the rest of my house would always be spotless because I’d never be in it.


How was mother’s day for everyone? I went on an organizing rampage. I basically took over my son’s old bedroom. He moved out about 5 yrs ago, so if he comes back he knows what he’s in for. The room is a mess right now but at least i got my study back in some order.It was such an eyesore.Seems like i just move messy piles from one place to another.


:heart_eyes: That’s Awesome!!


thanks, not yet but it’s getting there.


Looks great so far. Maybe I’ll get organized in my next life. It’s not looking promising in this one. lol


LOL Same with me Jean!!