Organized work space


If you don’t mind sharing your work space and how you keep it or try to keep it organized. I thought with this sale this would be a good idea with pictures. My work space is a hot mess. However I have 3 hobbies and one I have a business with. I need all the help I can get :heart_eyes:


I guess that will not help you to get organized…:wink:


I found out that polyfil fits best in a closet or one of those plastic rectangular containers with a pop up lid. I also got two small boxes for beads and pellets that have the locking handles. I keep a small scoop in them for filling limbs. You just take the lid off and hold the limb over the box as you fill it and it catches all the loose beads that don’t get into the limbs. Something else I use is a dollar store cookie sheet and use the picture hanging strips to hang it on any surface and then get whatever small containers (or any containers if you use the reborn magnets) and hang them on the cookie sheet. I use one of the three drawer desk top sterilite units to hold all my tools and then a box with compartments for all my eyes. I also use those for all my business supplies like tags and cards and anything that will fit that I use to pack up babies.


Lol I love it and I love your limb head holder/dryer! :heart_eyes:


Great ideas and suggestions!! Thank you!! :smile:


You’re welcome. :0) I find pinterest and youtube to be a great source of inspiration. I built an over the door ribbon holder from dollar store items for about 8 bucks.



Mine workspace is a chaos level 3 shop lol. After I buy a house, I will have a room just for me and my craft. I will show it off then. Hopefully I will get organized. For now I am in the living :crazy_face:room.


This is a baby bottles rack I bought on amazone.

And I keep all my kits and supplies in the shipping boxes I receive.

My paints are in a tool rack.

And yes, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas !


That’s cool ! I may try this !


This is Very cool!! :heart_eyes:


I know all about chaos. Lol. Can’t wait to see your new workroom. Now if we get a delivery my hubby says oh no more baby parts. I’m like. Himmm lol maybe but they are baby dolls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:. So last time fed ex came a couple of days ago he said that and guess what. It was auto delivery Dog food :rofl:


I bought a baby bottle rack at walmart but it’s not as big and nice as yours. I never thought about amazon. I will need to take a look :slight_smile:


For anyone who wants to, it’s a shower caddy, over the door hook, two sink mats, two pks of two pk baskets and some of their sticky backed Velcro. It’s all put together with zip ties and string to support the weight . The Velcro is on the back of the mats and on the door to also support the weight and to keep things from bouncing on the door when it’s open and shut.


The Dollar Tree has been good to me :hugs: I like it best when everything matches and fits/nestles together. Most of this is for my mohair, but there’s some dolly fun in there too :wink:


Amazing space.


Organized is not the word I would use for my work place

When not working I cover my pallet and sponges with the aluminum trays to keep the dust away.


I’m jealous off all those spaces!
I don’t have room for my own workspace, I just take over the dinner table whenever I want to paint and have to box all my supplies up after.


I am jalous too, I just have a little space near the kitchen, my house is open space…


same here