Order from UAE

Someone named “Zay” in Dubai has been interested in a couple of my dolls, but has never responded to my emails about shipping costs. Today, this person ordered Faith despite never responding to emails. In the order details the person asked the cost of shipping…I have told him/her 3 times already in 3 separate emails. Should I trust this sale?

Same thing happened to me today. I’m going with, if it feels wrong it probably is.


Could it be that there is a language barrier?

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No. She ended up canceling her order after finally replying to me.

I think Google translator translates everything very close to original language.
Just curious how your shipping cost to GB ended up? Did you explain to a buyer that it was a mistake in shipping listing?

@YelenaRey, I didn’t mention it to her. I would feel badly asking her to pay more when the listing was accurate as far as she knew. It wasn’t her fault I goofed up.

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That sucks, but I would not do it either.

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I just shipped there recently, the person had a similar name but responded to all my emails right away. For a small box shipping was nearly 100$ CAD and would’ve been closer to 300$ had I shipped her in the size box I would normally ship in.