Opinions Should I let it be

I purchased some black dyed mohair from a new Etsy vendor that has really good reviews. I prepped it just like I’ve done all other mohair I purchase. I washed it with the same baby conditioner to remove possible dye, but this hair it ran and ran and is still running. It turned my white sink purple at times. Do I contact the vendor about it? I was in a bind and really needed black curly mohair and could not get from anywhere so I used a new supplier, Price was suspect, bc of what I usually get for that amount, but honestly, I thought they maybe I caught a deal :woman_shrugging: Do I just call it a loss?

I would message them honestly.
I’m not to familiar with mohair but I wouldn’t think it should continue to run after it’s been processed especially not that bad

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If it’s on the less expensive end it can run but after washing twice it should not run any more. I’ve purchased cheap mohair for alternative dolls and I had this issue, but after 2 washes it didn’t run any more.

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Thank you. It is on the less expensive end. Usually I pay between 60-90/oz. I paid 30 for this. I should have just waited, until my hair came in stock :pensive: I’ll contact them to let them know it ran, but I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience.

She had to know about the issue so she would take more care about it . It is useful to take a video while washing it .

Yes I will make a video of it just in case she wants proof. I will let her know though so no one else has this experience.


I’d contact her. She may not realize the dye isn’t permanent. It could be the dye she’s using. I believe you’re supposed to use acid dye for mohair, not dye for human hair.


I contacted her and she responded very fast and has offered to refund. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great that she’s refunding you :slight_smile: If she offered to let you keep the hair, you might try washing with Dawn dish soap. You actually don’t have to be terribly careful with mohair-- it doesn’t felt easily like wool does. Black is really hard to get right. It will look beautiful, but then a bunch leeches out when you wash with soap. You have to use a lot more dye powder than other colors, so there’s greater risk of excess getting stuck in there. I usually have to dye my blacks three times (washing really thoroughly with soap each time) to get it right. Any color can bleed if it’s later exposed to super hot water or certain chemicals.

After you wash, let it dry and then brush through with a comb or pet brush (the kind with little pins) Hold it good and tight at the end, wrapping around your fingers if it’s long enough. It’ll look frizzy, but at the end comb through one more time with diluted conditioner and let air dry- then it’ll be pretty again!

If you have Facebook, here’s a short video I made on washing dark colors :slight_smile:



@Rainbowbabies thank you for the videos and the suggestions. I will give that a try for the part I had previously washed. I let my daughter take the rest since she felts. I thought maybe she could use it. Also thank you for letting me know about the possibility of colors bleeding after exposure to certain chemicals and very hot water. I will make sure to add this to my care sheet for the future.

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