Opinions on these doll clothes please *update - sold!*


Hi Everyone,

I have someone interested in buying clothes and accessories for a small 12" doll. It would be for a little girl for Christmas. I put this together last night. I find 12" clothes hard to come by for the most part and I “spruced up” and customized most of these little items. The doll in the pics is not being sold with the lot. Can you please look and tell me if you think $30 shipped is too much to ask?

http://s390.photobucket.com/albums/oo34 … 20Clothes/

Thank you!


I think $30 shipped is very reasonable. There are many outfits and accesssories and things the little girl could mix and match! I loved the crown and wand Great job on those things!


Some little girl is going to be very happy! I think they’re great.


oh good! thank you very much for your input, I will let you know what the potential buyer decides - I hope she likes them


She couldn’t go into a store and get all that for $30 and if she did the clothes would come apart within days.


These clothes are very nice, I think $30.00 is a great deal.

Hugs Tina