Opinions needed!


I have doll bodies with my nursery name on them. they are doe suede with pink writing across the chest. do you think that it would be ok to use on a boy doll even though the nursery name is in pink? or should i only use those bodies for girls?

here is an example of the body.


i likethe idea of it, but i guess i would do blue for boys…but it is a great idea i think…


It would probably be fine to use them on boys but I personally think blue writing would look better for boys or better yet you could go with green or blue so that it would be more neutral for either gender.


yes, when i order my next batch i think i will get them in a neutral color since sometimes i don’t know until my doll is finished if it will be a boy or girl. i have a boy doll that i put one of the bodies on and i think i am going to switch it out when i order my new ones. i think the pink is pretty, but i just can’t get myself to accept the pink writing on my little boy! lol


Where do you get those types of bodies with your nursery name on it? Or do you do that yourself? If so, do you sell them? It is very cute.


I think it is a great idea to have your name on the body, but yep I agree, a nice yellow or green would probably be better.


you can get them at hppt://cradledreamsnursery.com


you can get them at hppt://cradledreamsnursery.com


What a great idea …that is adorable!


I disagree. Whatever you Nursery Name is can stay the same color, because that is a part of your LOGO. McDonalds do not change their font color, nor does anyone else! That is your LOGO. Don’t worry about it.


Thanks for all your input! Everyone made good points both ways. I love putting my nursery name on my babies because it helps with no one stealing or re-selling my work and it’s a great way to advertise

If anyone is interested in the bodies I see the site was posted earlier in the thread for Cradle Dreams Nursery.
Click on Bodies by CDN. or here is a direct link.


hugs to all


Those are sooo cute!