Opinion needed


I don’t think you can make raw from the burnt. The raw is more of a soft gold color. The burnt has red in it. If you don’t have the raw sienna, you could try some yellow ochre with a touch of white, very thin.


That’s good to know. To make darker flesh tones I use yellow, red, blue, burnt umber and would need raw sienna. So I throw yellow in with my burnt umber to my 08 at times if I’m wanting some gold.
I do a gold wash though so most times I don’t need it.
Flesh 08 has been working well for me instead of the long primary method.
Honestly, I’m trying all kinds of stuff lol. I’m just mixing colors and hoping for the best!


It’s good to experiment and find what you like. If I were braver, I’d do that more.


Baby parts everywhere. Lol. I think I achieved what I wanted. :blush:


@YelenaRey flesh 08 is at the top and baby skin is at the bottom. :blush:


Thank you!


You’re welcome!



Here is a mixing chart that might help out when looking to create a certain color.


Awesome, ty!