Try Golden brand matte varnish. I love it!


I really appreciate the help!
where do i find it and how do i apply it?


I used the Luminaire shine reduction sealer but had the problem of it leaving the skin feeling rough if used full strength. I ended up sealing the doll with satin sealer from Delta ceramacoat (couldn’t find it in matte). Then to cut the shine, I used the luminaire thinned half and half with water and pounced thoroughly. That left the skin still soft but matte.


i will try it…thanks!!!


I apply the varnish by doing half water, half varnish. (heavy half for the varnish) then I pounce it on. Two coats if necessary.


Oh, and it’s sold at AC Moore and Michael’s.


yay! i will pick it up tomorrow and let you know how it works!!!




Glad to know the liquidtex worked! I got some but haven’t tried it yet.