Ooops - managed to de-activate my access

Just wondering; how many of the people who created their BB forum account some time ago remember that to be able to do it they had to use the same email address as their BB buying account?
Well, I did not. I was doing some passwords consolidation and basic tidying up in my computer, when I noticed that I have here email address that I normally use only for important stuff, like bank accounts; so I changed it. There was no warning, but next thing I know I was not able to access the forum, all my posts and topics were removed. Then I got message telling me that my account was suspended, but when I asked BB they told me it was de-activated permanently, and I have to register again with the same email that is on my BB buying account. Just wonder what would happen if I had to change my email address in the buying account, will I be able then to change the forum email, or is just going to de-activate me again the moment I try to access the controls.

Oh my goodness! Good thing they don’t give prizes for the MOST posts because you just got to start again at ZERO! And you lost all of the precious bookmarks!

Uh oh – hasn’t happened to me yet.

yes, i did contact them and they just said that once de-registered nothing can be done except to register again. Well, at least that went without a hitch; I was fully expecting that I will have to use different user name; I thought i will get a message saying “this username is already taken”.

But all the topics I started are still here, however, they are now attributed to somebody who commented in them. So the actual topic is not there! I am sure there will be some very puzzled new members reading them and wondering what are we talking about.

I’ve deactivated myself a couple of times, too, by accident…starting over at 1 post when I had over 1000…grrrrrrrr…made me look like a newbie, but hey, it happens. I started again before I moved to Florida. Those posts add up quickly.

It would be nice if some sort of “warning” came up if someone attempted to change something that would cause that to happen. Karen, you would probably have outposted “Katie” (our number 1 poster) if you hadn’t deleted yourself and started all over a few times? It is also a shame that the posts by a deleted member disappear. Most forums, the name just changes color, but the posts don’t go away so the threads make sense. I bet that BB IT department could fix that pretty easily?

I do not care about having to start from 1 again; I have no idea how many post I did have; but i am annoyed that all the info that I had to type (I am not a fast typist), and pictures which I specially took, resized and uploaded to photobucket so I can post them here to help people is now gone.
This forum is great to share our experience and compare problems; I have learned a lot from here. So it is pity that posts get deleted for no other reason but that the member has changed internet provider and has a new email address.

Yes, it’s very upsetting that the pics I posted are gone since I started over…at one point, I had shared pic of my huge doll collection…Himstedts, MP doll, Marie Osmond, my first reborns (hideous as they were) etc…oh, well. Such is life.

I didn’t realize that it deleted all your posts too. Seems familiar so it may be something I did here too or did on another forum. Not that I have ever changed emails or my user names on any forum but because I am a klutz! Just remember that it was on a church forum I used to get on frequently. So it isn’t just a BB policy but wish they didn’t delete the posts at least.

The posts are still there; it’s the pictures that are gone now. Oh, well. So is my avatar pic…can NOT get one sized right to fit it in here and finally gave up. One day it was here, then it wasn’t.

— Begin quote from “Karen in Florida”

The posts are still there; it’s the pictures that are gone now. Oh, well. So is my avatar pic…can NOT get one sized right to fit it in here and finally gave up. One day it was here, then it wasn’t.

— End quote

All my posts have disappeared except those that somebody quoted; the quotes remain minus the photos. The topics I started are still their but without my posts, so it makes no sense because unless somebody quoted the OP nobody knows what the topic is, and the threads are attributed to the 1st poster in them. like this one:

That’s odd. I changed my e-mail address on both the forum and the store. I was suspended for less than a day for it to be reactivated by BB, but no problems. Hate that happened to you.