Ooh I like Violet Prototype!

Everyone see her on the gallery??

ohhhhh…she’s pretty cute!

Her face is adorable but I hate that she has the same awful arms as Sam and Sera.

I like her, too. She’s pictured with her twin further down the page.

I just knew she would be cute! And yes, Savannah is shown further down and she’s adorable too.

She has such a peaceful, serene face. She looks like a good baby.

She and Savannah are both adorable!!!

I really really like her! When i saw the pictures of the blank kit, I was not sure about her, she looked plain, like no expression to her. But now that I see the reborned baby I love her! She looks like a baby we’ve all seen in real life if that makes sense.

For me, she’s a must have. Love her.

Oh, I love her, too. I have no imagination, so it really helped to see her “all done up.”

I’m looking forward to both of them being available. Just hoping that it is soon!