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Yes! You said it well @342jda. I believe in vaccinations. How this thread got to the point of assuming those of us who don’t like the flu vaccine are anti-vaxers…I don’t know. :woman_shrugging:t2: They aren’t the same. The flu vaccine is unnecessary and ineffective for the most part. Other vaccines are proven, necessary, and highly effective. Also, I hope you’re feeling better. Sorry your post got turned into a political issue about vaccines instead of sympathy for you. :pensive:


In the Netherlands flu vaccines aren’t even given to young, healthy people. They’re only offered to the elderly or people with severe medical problems that could be seriously affected by the flu.
It always seemed odd to me that everyone in the US should get one.


I happen to fall into this category – illness – so I am strongly advised to take it. I do take it and have taken it for years even though it was not always a necessity. I have never been sick from it. BUT, it does not make me think that all others have the same effect as me, or the same experience. I think if a person doesn’t want to take any kind of medicine it is their choice. If I go to a doc with an infection and they prescribe antibiotics. It is MY decision whether or not I take it. With cancer, it is my decision whether or not I take it. I think that if I just flat out told my doc that I would NOT take the flu shot in spite of the medical knowledge that with the health issues I have that it is highly recommended, then I know he could not force me to take it. But, I have never done that – probably because I have never had a problem with it. If at some point it does cause me a problem then I may not take any more after that. But, yes, we hope you feel much better, and as long as this chain has gone on, you may already be well! :slight_smile: It is just a personal choice in my view. My kids had no say so in the order of vaccines. The health department made sure they got them anyway, but I am old enough to remember some of these diseases that we now have vaccines for. So, I am all for those. Younger people have no idea what they are really like. So… guess that is about all for my soapbox! :slight_smile:


I recently read about the parents of babies who died from the flu or were too little to be immunized and caught something and died. I’m going to make sure that my kid’s get their flu vaccines. That’s so scary to me.


I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m not anti vaccines. I just don’t get the flu shot. My son had all his vaccinations when he was supposed to.


There was a grown woman from home who died last year from the flu. A good many people died from that strain last year. Things like that happen. We can be thankful it is not like the flu epidemic in the early 1900’s. It was so awful.