Only me


That’s terrible. I am sorry you had to go through that.


Mine was low, too…living in Northern Canada will tank anyone’s D levels :slight_smile:

I order from I think it’s around $20 for a full years worth. One small capsule a day.

I take it with this (super K) to help with absorption


Agreed!!! Many people experience some symptoms after the shot that look like the “flu,” but aren’t nearly as dangerous as an actual virus. And, if you do happen to get a real flu strain despite getting a shot, you are many times less likely to experience the life-threatening complications that can come with the flu. The shot won’t prevent every seasonal illness!! It just protects against the most severe type of seasonal illness - true flu virus - and only the strain that is determined most likely to appear in the year the shot is given. It is always possible that a different strain occurs, despite probability, and can still be caught. And other people will not be protected by the vaccine, as a small percentage of people don’t respond to certain vaccines, which is why it’s so important that we ALL get vaccinated - to protect those who can’t/who don’t become immunized when vaccinated!!

Flu sucks, sorry for everyone experiencing it. Hopefully the warm weather coming soon helps stop the spread of the virus!!


Great explanation!!


While a certain “percentage of people don’t respond well to vaccines”, there are also a certain percentage that react terribly to vaccines. I would never want or expect everyone to have all vaccinations. We should all be researching ways to boost our immunity, getting plenty of sleep and sunshine, eating well…


This is so true. We are all different. What affects one doesn’t always affect another. It is a personal choice, most of the time. In my situation my doctor insists that I have it and I don’t have a problem getting it. So, I just do. Thankfully, it has never made me ill. It is possible that one day it will. We just don’t know all there is to know about these things. Kinda like medications – they say the doctor weighs the possible bad side effects with the good it will do a particular patient and they will go ahead and prescribe it if they feel the good outweighs the bad. There is no “one size fits all” for anything in life. Wouldn’t that be great? :slight_smile:


Certainly true!! It’s so important for everyone who can be vaccinated to be vaccinated, so we can protect those people who like you say, react terribly to vaccines. :slight_smile:


I don’t get the flu and I will not be getting vaccinated. It certainly is a matter of choice …. mine.


I know that the flu vaccine is based on the last years flu. And the flu changes every year. I have issues with vaccines. I have had the MMR vaccine 8 times because I do not convert. Which means my body does not show the titers that you make after vaccination. The health department told me that there is no reason for me to get another MMR vaccine due to this yet as a nurse my job makes me. And I told them the first night at work that it felt like the flu. The would not test me and so I had to worked all 12 hours in pain and exposing patients. They tell us we have to get the vaccine so that we do not make our patients sick. When in fact if we are allowed to be off work when we are sick without being penalized that would be a better way to protect our patients.


Yes. This.

Isn’t this part of the problem all the way around? People are penalized for being sick and have to work, spreading it all around. Parents drop their sick kids off at daycare, where they get other kids sick, because the parents can’t take off work. Or maybe it’s because we pay a pretty penny to send our kids there. Who wants to pay for services not rendered?

Back when one of my older kids was in public school, she got sick a lot. To let her rest and to protect others, I would keep her home. That became a problem when the school system started threatening me. Towards the end I had to send her to school with fevers just for the sake of the nurse verifying that she did indeed have a fever so I could take her back home. :roll_eyes:


I agree wholeheartedly in that regard… for a lot of kids, too, not being “allowed” to be sick is very damaging. In high school, people would come to school with horrible illnesses because they were afraid of missing a day of work and never being able to catch up. One time, my cousin missed two days of middle school, and she had to drop her math class because it was impossible to finish the work she’d missed. I know that whenever I was sick, I always thought that dying of the illness would be better than going back to school to find mountains of work and angry teachers… :pensive:


I’m praying for you and sending you a virtual warm bowl of chicken soup.


While the effectiveness might be low, if vaccinated the effect of flu will be less, last shorter time, and you are lot less likely to die. Person working in hospital will encounter flu daily, and it is imperative that they do not get sick. They would be a danger to patients with reduced immunity, and during flu epidemic the hospital needs their staff working.
“Detox” will not interfere with vaccinations.

If you think that vaccination is harmful, I suggest that you visit some old cemetery from before 1900, and count the graves where infants are buried. Or even better have a look at death records from before 1900 and look at the cause of death of small children. When I did my family tree I searched through some death records page by page, and there were sections where there was one infant after another, page after page, with only odd old or adult person. The cause of death of these children would be whooping cough, or measles or one of the another now almost not existent childhood diseases, as obviously epidemic swept through. Some entries would have 3 little children from the same family dying within few days of each other. And that of course did not show those who lived but were severely disabled.


Having the flu vaccine does not make you not contagious when you get the flu. And the vaccine does not guarantee you will not get the flu. And forcing sick staff to work and expose patients basically makes the vaccine useless all around. Getting the vaccine does not guarantee a less severe or fatal flu. My cousin was vaccinated last year. She died. She got the flu. She spiked a 106.6 fever with it. I believe in vaccinations that work. And the flu vaccine may work for some but does not work for all. I let 2 different charge nurses know I was sick. Let 2 doctors know. And I still had to work the 12 hour shift. How is this providing good patient care. I will be leaving this hospital in 6 weeks. Now they will be down a nurse permanently. So even though I followed the rules and got the vaccine I still exposed patients not by choice but management.


This can be a 20 page topic alone. It is probably widespread.

It’s pretty common to be made to work sick. It’s also pretty common to be made to work in unsafe conditions, as in having way too many patients to care for. Or my personal favorite, having the right number of patients, but with too high an acuity. So basically, your 5 patients would be the work of 10. There would be no safe way to care for them. You could go full speed, skipping bathroom breaks and lunch and still be behind. And still get in trouble for not distributing medications on time.

Hope you find a job where none of this is an issue. I never could and left the field many years ago.

So sorry for your loss.


The last time I had the flu, (53 years ago) I was also working in a hospital. There was a very bad flu epidemic and we also were required to get a flu shot. Some of us caught the flu from patients who had it. I was the sickest I’ve ever been, with 105 fever for several days and could barely get out of bed to use the bathroom. I was in bed, around the clock, for two weeks. That shot certainly didn’t diminish the severity of my illness. I get what you’re saying about certain vaccines eliminating certain diseases, but I’ll take my chances with the flu.


The problem with the flu is it constantly mutates, so it depends how close was the strain that was used to make the vaccine to this year’s strain.
For long time scientists were puzzled why during the flu epidemic at the end of WW1 it was mainly young people who died from it. It was not until there were DNA tests done on different strains that it was discovered that few decades before this epidemic, there was another one, which was not deadly but it was closely related to the swine flu, and therefore anybody who lived those years ago, and contracted that strain, developed some immunity. While people born later had no protection.
Just because you were vaccinated and still got very sick, does not mean that the vaccine was useless. It is quite possible that either you were already incubating the flu, and your body had no time to develop the immunity, or it only gave you partial immunity, but you will never know if without the shot you would have been worse or even dead.


I agree with EVERYTHING you have said about vaccination. You speak science and today young people want to believe in conspiracies and what they read on Facebook. I work in the intensive care unit of a children’s hospital. We have a lot of religious groups around who don’t vaccinate so I get to see diseases that should be gone. If the greater public could SEE the effects of measles, tetanus, meningitis, pertussis, influenza, RSV like they see cancer everyone would vaccinate. Only older people who remember polio etc respect vaccination like it should be respected.


I agree with what you say, but it isn’t all young people. There’s whole communities out there of young people that actually want to spread proper information and research. I remember a news article about an 18 year old boy that got vaccinated for the first time because his mother never did. He did his own research and drew his own conclusions.


I have all my vaccinations. It did not keep me from getting pertussis. I was 33 years old. No I was not already incubating the flu when I got vaccinated. I got vaccinated on 10/01/2018. And flu does not incubate that long. I believe in vaccinations. My children are all vaccinated. But I do not believe I should be forced to get a vaccine that even the cdc says is not very effective. It is only 44-47 % effective at preventing the flu but in age group greater and equal to age 50 has only been 24%effective. And people have still died. This is from their site and for this season. And many have had to seek medical care for respiratory (ARI) just as I did.