Omg wil you relase Asher already lol

I can’t take it im constantly checking the website Cuz I don’t wanna miss Asher an still no Asher!!! How much longer do we have to wait???

Ok that was suppose to say WILL forgot a L whoops :slight_smile:

I want both of Asher too! Where can we find more information about their relase? Where will the BB company announce the news? I don’t want to miss them and then pay a huge to buy from the second market. xxx Min

There is still 180+ of Presley Awake left

So bb won’t release Asher asleep until PRESLEY awake is gone that’s not right if that’s what they are waiting for :joy::joy::joy::joy: im sick of waiting already lol

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I don’t think they are waiting to release him until the Presley Awakes are all sold. I also don’t think it will be announced ahead of time because it is easier on BB to not have a bunch of people trying to order at the same time. I am getting Asher Asleep as a prize from the drawing that they had, so I am assuming that I will get a shipping notice before he is actually released since I was told her would arrive several days before the ordered kits. Be patient Leslie!

It is so hard to be patient… this waiting is driving me crazy! :slight_smile: I really want Asher asleep and Awake. I think this is much worse than waiting for Christmas! I hope it is soon!

Omg it’s taking way to long to release Asher an to sell out PRESLEY awake

I don’t think that selling out Presley Awake is required before the release of Asher Asleep - that would make absolutely no sense. [quote=“Leslie76, post:10, topic:20726, full:true”]
Omg it’s taking way to long to release Asher an to sell out PRESLEY awake

Well that’s what I was told they was waiting to sell out PRESLEY an now it’s something about not having neck rings who knows would just would be nice to grab him he’s the only one I wanted even though I grabbed both Presley’s just looking forward to seeing the kit :blush::blush::blush:

I missed the post about selling Presley Awake out first. Is this true @bbsupport ?

I’ll probably still buy Asher but had to spend the money that was burning a hole in my pocket. I splurged on an Elisa Marx kit. I’m with y’all…this checking every other minute is driving me nuts. Things like this bring out the OCD in me…LOL.