OMG - He's alive!

After all my First Baby issues I set Isaac aside for a few days. I just went back to him and while I like the blushing and light mottling I did, he wasn’t right. Read through all my bookmarks here again and decided to try a light layer of Raw Sienna…and I had that moment, the one where the baby suddenly comes alive. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He’s suddenly got warmth and a bit of a personality. (Grumpy little guy, lol.) He’s got issues – bits of schmutz, awful lip color, some gunky creases and some missing creases, and no nails yet, but he’s in there somewhere. I’m so in love with my little mess, lol! :heart_eyes:

Thank you all for your generosity in sharing so much of your wisdom here over the years! :heart:

I’m not sure how well these pics will show the warmth. For some reason my phone takes terrible washed-out pictures anywhere near the Ott Lite. You’ll see my famous maraca, too. And yes, that is a flocked parrot behind him in that one shot. (It was my great-grandmother’s and is at least 60 years old!)


That is always such an exciting moment! Look forward to seeing your little man progress :heart:

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Great! I am so glad that you didn’t quit another day!

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Yay keep it up!!!

I love your muffin tin for paint! Duh why didn’t I think of that?

When I get frustrated I move on to another kit. It took me a few to get the hang of it and now my babies don’t look so bad. I’ve only had to strip three. Two were because I put matte medium on them to use air dry before I switched to ghsp and one I painted overboard lol and he was looking sickly.

Keep up the good work :heart_eyes:

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He’s looking great! I’m so glad you stuck with it! I’m very happy you’re happy with him too.

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I was having trouble thinning and mixing paint in the little plastic pallets I usually use, so I thought I’d try a muffin tin. I found them at Dollar Tree so I bought a whole pile. They’re a lot nicer than you’d think for a buck!

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I’m so glad you didn’t quit and you found your “ah-ha” moment :two_hearts:


I’m definately going to grab some. I’ve been using little plastic cups so I can cover left over paint and save it but there’s usually no leftovers lol!! I only started in July and have only put three babies together and I totally understand your frustration. It takes time to get a feel for the paints and how the flow and adhere. The fastest way to learn is by making as many mistakes as you can :heart_eyes:. I bought a kit I thought I wouldn’t mind ruining (ugly) and use her to practice on and now I’m starting I’m starting to envision how she’s look finished which was not ever my plan.


I bought Faith because while I love her little elfin face, I wouldn’t have minded messing her up – and boy, how I did! After I stripped her I finally gave in to Isaac’s little grumpy face enticing me from the Deep Discount section. When I was finally ready to try again I discovered that I hadn’t stripped Faith as well as I thought so I grabbed Isaac instead. I’ve had a frustrating time, but he’s still been easier than working on tiny little Faith.

BB should sell a cheaper, medium-sized plain-featured kit for beginners to mess up, lol. Not only would we all feel better about ruining it, but it would be easy to spot when someone’s trying to sell the messed-up first baby they ever made, lol.