OMG! Guess what!?

I had sent an extremely well known artist an email asking for critique on my asian sculpt. And you know what…

The one and only Debbie Henshaw took the time to look at my blog and comment my asian sculpt!!! And said she loved it and wanted one…and that I should consider getting it poured into silicone when I’m done!!! Getting that feedback from someone with sooo much experience just amazes me and made my day. :smile:

And I’m so sorry if I sound like a brag. I don’t mean to at all. :flushed: It’s just none of my other friends understand reborns and I needed someone to share the excitement with. Hope you guys understand. :blush:


That’s amazing!

That is so EXCITING, Izzy! I’d have to share that, too. I don’t think it’s bragging at all. I bet you’re walking around with a smile on your face.


Thank you @demonicchic12 and @AmyR777! I told my mom but she doesn’t quite understand as well as you ladies do lol.

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I know what you mean. My mom is kinda like “okay,whatever” when it comes to dolls/reborns. She’s okay as long as she doesn’t have to spend money on it lol. But! She did agree to help me buy Clyde, Since I had a really really bad day today and probably will for the rest of the week


Aw, that’s sweet of her. Hope your day gets better soon. :slight_smile:

That is wonderful :smiley:

Once my exams and school are over, Then I’ll feel better!
I think you should definitely have this baby made into kits :slight_smile: He/she is super cute!

Wow! That’s great! Hope she gets made into a silicone dolly for you to keep (won’t have to worry about her cracking then)

Thanks ladies. I hope she is good enough for a silicone. We’ll see, but I tend to be super picky so she might have a ways to go before she gets baked.

That’s very impressive. Your taent is definitely amazing.

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Thank you! I just started so it’s not much but here you go. Just copy and paste into address bar.

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What an honor!!! You do not sound like you’re bragging. You sound excited and happy as you should be after getting that kind of news!!! I know what you mean about having friends that don’t understand our love of reborns. Congratulations!!!


Thank you so much!

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Wow! That is so great. I can’t wait to see a kit made from one of your sculpts. You will have to let us see the pictures if you get a silicone one poured. :dancers: :thumbsup:

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Izzy, that’s great news! You’ve been working so hard at this!

YOU GO GIRL*you have every right to be happy and want to share.

Thank you thank you everyone!!! You guys really put a smile on my face!


How wonderful for you! I am not a bit surprised. You are a very talented young lady and I fully expect to see your sculpts for purchase in the near future.

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