Olivia’s reborn, Austin, was born today!


Everyone meet Austin, Olivia’s baby! Other then hair and lashes, she made him all on her own. She is a very proud mama! :blush:
He’s the “Leah” kit.


Oh my gosh…he is super cute!


Thank you! I didn’t care for the kit at first but after all these months he grew on me. He really is quite sweet. :blush:


Wow Olivia, just super adorable!


Thank you!! :blush:


Tomorrow while she’s at school I’m going to secretly put some air dry sealer on him. Lol. She wouldn’t let me touch him to put it on before she put him together. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Oh wow he looks amazing! Great job!


So cute!


Austin is a cutie pie! She should be proud.


She did a great job on him. I know she is super proud of herself.


He is so adorable! What a talented girl you are Olivia!!!


Great job, Olivia! :blue_heart:


Thank you, everyone! She is so proud. I noticed this morning she put all of her dolls that were in her doll crib on the floor, and put just Austin in the crib! :joy:


She did amazing!! I cant get over how baby like he looks.


The kit is very realistic. I’m sure a professional RA could do wonders with him.
He has full arms and 3/4 legs, but Olivia chose to put him in a full limb body. Being she’s going to dress him in different things, she’s not limited this way. He’s our first boy baby and I must say, I’m starting to really like boy dolls. There is something precious about them. I have three daughters so anything boy related is new to me lol.
I just put a sealer on him so I’m praying he dries before she gets home from school lol. She’s bringing him to show and tell tomorrow and she wants to be able to say she did him all by herself lol. I just know how sealer can be so I avoided letting her seal him.


He so adorable! Great job, Olivia!


Aww, so wonderful!! She’s already talented!!


Wow!!! She did a very good job on him. Shes a very young talented reborn artist!!:blush::blush::heart::heart_eyes:


Thank you!!


She did an amazing job!