Olivia in progress


Baby Olivia is almost finished…hope you like her. She has been a challenge baby!


She’s adorable! I love her skintone.


I think she’s adorable…great job!


She is so sweet. Great job on her! Her hair is so cute. =]


Oh my word! I love her! I know she is not the most popular Stoete baby ever…but I just love this little face! My “Vanessa” is more blonde and has some strange baby’s limbs…but new limbs are on the way! Soon she will be “whole”! LOL!


Yes, she is not the most popular, but i think she is cute. She could pass for a DS baby, too, I think.


She’s adorable Lara! I want to kiss her cheek!


Wow she is beautiful!


She is a cutie for sure.

    Hugs Tina


Thanks so much, gals! I was hoping to get her done before I left this weekend, but just ran out of time. Guess she has to wait until Monday, as I’m going out of town this weekend.


Very beautiful and I love the name. (Our daughter’s name will be Olivia Paige.)


Lara I LOVE the way you do hair. I swear I’m going to learn better rooting skills if it kills me. Nice job.


She is amazing I think she is such a stunner and will sell well. Big hugs, Krystal