Older Shyann kit?


I just ordered a shyann kit from a private seller, and it came today and the vinyl is really hard. It’s not like the usual Bountiful Baby vinyl? I was thinking maybe it was an older kit before they switched to the newer vinyl? Everything on the kit looks like the other shyann kits I’ve done, but the kit vinyl is very hard and plasticky. I don’t like it at all :frowning:


There is a knock-off kit of Shyann floating around out there from China, maybe you got a hold of one of those. I have never done Shyann cause I’m not that fond of her so I can’t speak from experience. Maybe someone who has done her will chime in-------maybe that’s just how she comes from BB, don’t know, sorry.


I’m afraid that it is a knockoff kit :frowning: that’s why I’m curious if anybody knows if and when the kit was changed. I wish I had paid more attention to the stamp on the back of the neck and on the limbs when I did the other dolls. I’ve done 2 shyann dolls before this one and the vinyl was completely different. The vinyl is really hard, I have no idea how I’m going to Root it? :frowning: thank you for your reply


Do you have a lamp that goes inside to warm it up. That would be your best bet.


No, I’m going to have to do the good old rice sock trick. I’ve never had to do it before LOL, I guess there’s a first time for everything… :slight_smile:


I have had a good look at a couple of the China knock offs of other kits,they were very soft vinyl but the color is not like the BB vinyl.


This is the kit. The temples are the only part of The temples are the only part of it that is soft enough to squeeze. The inside where the eyes are feel where the eyes are feel funny where the eyes are feel funny too, very thin. And the ears aren’t cut the same.


Lol… well I don’t know what happened there? LOL


It probably is the older vinyl.Do you use heat set paints?Heating the vinyl may soften it some.If not a rooting lamp is a good way to make it softer and see a little better as a bonus when rooting.

i have one of the newer vinyl Shyann’s and the printing is only on the neck rim.Since yours has the writing at the base of head also,I am guessing you have one of the original kits from before they changed vinyl.


I do use heat set paints. I will have to look into a lamp. I have to have this doll ready for my customer by Christmas, so I have to be quick and efficient! Thank you for the tips and all your help :slight_smile:


Heating it will soften it. My Kenzie had a hard head. After painting her it is soft enough to root


It could be a seconds kit. The difference in the ears might just be the way it was sculpted. I have 2 China kits (bought them a long time ago before I knew any better) but the vinyl is very soft.


I’ve never seen a seconds kit, so I have nothing to compare it to :frowning: all I know is it’s not the usual Bountiful Baby vinyl that I’m used to.


The ears on Shyann are different - it’s the kit.


Really? I did notice that the last I lighted the ears were different but I thought it was just a factory defect LOL


The last shyann doll I did… LOL I’m voice texting


Simone is right about the ears. I just finished a Shyann and have done another before and the ears are not shaped the same. Mine were first quality directly from BB.


The BB seconds kits are shaped the exact same as the first quality ones. If the ears are less defined than the BB ones, it’s likely a knockoff and could be made of a totally different vinyl. Heating it should soften it enough to help with rooting though.


I have baked it about 5 times now, and it does seem to be softening up. But the oder is HORRIBLE!! My oven is in the garage and when my husband came home he said "what is that aweful smell out there?"
It is horrible!! I have ordered another kit. This thing is going in the trash!


The kit itself won’t soften up, it will only be softer while it is warm. Do you have a rooting light that goes up inside the head? They work really well to warm and soften the vinyl. Maybe you could try that.