Old Kit Paint Party!



This baby makes a lovely baby! I made one years ago using a Caucasian head and color matching it to 1/4 limbs and loved her!


Ordered my kit yesterday- I’m a weensy bit late to the party:/ I got Gemma from BB. Soon as she here I’ll get started on her:) there’s some beautiful babies already in this thread! I’m going to scroll back and oogle over all your beautiful dolls now:)


That’s fine! My estimate is being pushed back because of an emergency in our building. Our water has been off for over 24 hours so we’re just focused on getting through :rofl: Our building has provided free bottled water and porta potties, so we have what we need but it’s stressful and some of the neighbors are getting pissed that they won’t turn the water back on even though they literally can’t.


Oh gosh!


Yup, it’s unfortunate for sure. We’re just trying to stay calm and keep the pets hydrated, especially the dog since it’s getting hot out.


That’s awful- I’m from Florida- we used to have to go without power from hurricanes- it was awful. Sorry your having to rough it today!


We’ve dealt with some nasty storms but luckily we haven’t been without power for super long, good thing too because the dog’s food needs to be refrigerated and frozen and it’s expensive. I’m trying to root as a distraction lol I almost have sweet Maia done, I’ve barely started painting Jewel. I can’t find the motivation to paint right now :rofl:


I can see why! Can’t wait to see your little Maia with hair!


She’s looking good. I wasn’t feeling good about the color against her skintone, but I met a 9 month old baby boy today that has the same hair color and similar skintone so I really like it now.


Post pics when your done!!


I certainly will! I think I’ll use her for the photography tutorial! She’s such a sweet little thing so she should cooperate lol


Great!!:slight_smile: I’m looking forward to it for sure!


@PaperCityDolls Gemma is beautiful. I put 2 Gemmas in my cart, but procrastinated and today they are not on sale. Oh well, I have plenty to paint.
I am sure that your Gemma will be stunning!


Im debating between Presley and Jake. I’m wanting to make a baby for my aunt to raffle off (she has an organization/preschool) in the Dominican. Which baby do you think people would like more? Open eyed, or closed? Also, which do you think I’d be able to sell faster?


Probably Presley. I’m not a fan of Jake at all and I don’t know if he sells well either.


Sorry for all the baby spam. Summer is the time I get to paint babies and it makes me so happy! Did a blue layer and a mother color ( primaries mixed together) layer. Not sure if boy or girl. Going to try and use either the dark blue eyes shown or gray ones since that’s what I have available. If it look too weird i’ll Buy brown I guess


A couple more layers and I’ll be done with Presley! I don’t know what color hair to do yet :confused:


Looking great! I adore this sculpt, hope to get to paint it sometime.