Old Kit Paint Party!

She is an adorable redhead!

This kit is not easy to pull off, but you nailed it!

I love how you have painted the lips. <3

I know is redicoulesly late but finally I got my girl finished. :grin:


She’s lovely! There was no time limit so no worries!

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I also finished another old kit. This one is so old that I forgot her name. I have to look for her COA.


I can’t remember her sculptors name but I think her name is Joy? Maybe I’m remembering a different kit. Regardless, she’s really pretty and I love her outfit!

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I believe you are right. Thank you.

They are beautiful, what sculpt is the baby in the sweet purple dress?

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Thank you. That is Sienna a discontinued kit from BB

What kit is that? Never mind - I see the answer! :wink:

Do they share limbs with Easton and Grant?

Never too late this is an on going party! They are so cute! I’ve never seen Joy before. I like her!

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She’s so pretty!

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I don’t know if she shares the limbs with the older version of Easton and grant, but she doesn’t with the new version. She is a lot smaller.

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She beautiful. Really love the outfit!! Purples my favorite color.

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My Eliza. Comments on brows? They aren’t sealed yet.


@Blushingbeautyreborn, Lulu is gorgeous!

Lulu and Gemma - both fun older kits to paint


Thank you so much💕