Old Kit Paint Party!


@AlyBrick @PaperCityDolls
Anyone is welcome to join our “old” kit painting party! Be sure to post lots of pics and let us know who you’ll be painting. I would say no realborns other than the very first ones, so we’ll say that Presley,Asher & Kase (sold out) count, as well as Clyde and Thomas. Can be a bb kit or a non-bb kit, as long as it’s old :slight_smile: I’ll be painting Jewel

BB Paint Party 5/7/19

Yay!!! I’ll order my kit tonight after dinner:)


Can’t wait to see who you choose!


I will narrow it down here soon! This is going to be fun!


Is Greta Arcello considered old?? I was going to do her next and want to play if she qualifies. :woman_shrugging: (She’s also a portrait baby)


When did she come out? She’s a few years old at least, so I would say so. Go for it!


I think it was 2016


I’m in. :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀ Today I started painting Leo and Lola Donnelly as well as Gabriela Swailkowski. Are they old enough? I may pull out a couple of old BB kits when I get to the halfway point with these 3. I need to destash, so I’m trying to paint some of the old kits to make room for new ones.


Gabriela is definitely old enough, I think she’s been around for about as long as I’ve been reborning! I don’t know about the other 2


Sounds good, I think she counts for sure.


I’ve painted some old kits… one of which is Walter by Laura Tuzio Ross…! Here he is.


Okay here’s my Greta as well as her inspiration


Wow! Perfect match! I think I’ll start on Jewel tomorrow. I might be too busy rooting Maia (who I’m obsessed with) but I’ll try :rofl:


Here’s my contribution. :blush: BBs Jacelyn.


I messed up Jewel so badly that her head went in the trash the other night. Her limbs are great lol. She’s adorable when she’s done. I will see what I have that might be older :slight_smile:


Oh wow! I love!


I was looking at kits and I couldn’t find the years- am I overlooking something? I like both faith and rosebud but I don’t know how old they are!


I am fine with delaying our painting party so you can root :smirk:. Otherwise I may be a little late. I’m hoping I have a sale soon or BB puts some kits on sale.


I’m currently working on presleigh! though most of the kits I have in my collection are older :woman_shrugging:


They’re old for sure! It doesn’t state their years, sometimes the neck flange will say. But the majority of non-realborn kits on bb are old. Most came out before I even started reborning. If you’re not sure, you can always ask and we can help.
I can paint and root at the same time. I rooted Tink while painting Maia. And Maia has such a small head that she should take no time at all.