Okay does this body look to big?


Okay trying out a body on taite and wondered what you think. Her limbs aren’t weighted. I just stuffed the body to see what it looked like. Can’t find my tape measure so I can’t measure.



It would be easier to tell without the onsie. Can you take another pic showing just the body?


Yeah I will see what I can do. My good camera eats batteries to fast and is dead so I have to use the old one.


No I don’t think it looks too big. I know how small those Garanimals are and the body is obviously a lot slimmer. Taite is a 16 inch baby and that outfit is really big on him. The next question would be; Is it too small? Opps and I forgot one - Could the tag on that outfit be wrong? If you would like me to measure one of mine just ask and I will. Even so compared to the head and limbs - it looks in proportion.

My good camera eats batteries too - usually at the worst time.


Thank you. I am going to take the onesie off so you can see without it.


ok Here is the doll without her t-shirt. It’s just stuffed with fiberfill only so I could see how it looked.



Hmmm I think it might look just a bit too big…JMO.


Yes, I think that it does look a little bit too big.


Yeah, me too. I would use a body style for full legs so those little legs aren’t too long.


Fox- That body is for complete full limbs…it is just jointed. I think maybe she will do better with an unjointed legged body, with 3/4 arms instead of the full…JMO


That is a full limb body I think but I was hoping it would work but oh well it might work for Briar rose! hope hope! lol
Thank you ladies


I used a 3/4 limb body on 2 of mine and a full soft leg on one. I don’t think the full leg type bodies make the baby move as nicely. I made my bodies myself. The 3/4 limbed one makes the baby 17" long and it is my favorite. I think BB sells a very similar one.

3/4 limb body on Taite

Full soft leg body on Tayla


Anybody make bodies for a decent price? I need quite a few. I need 2 for the twins with 3/4 arms and full legs, 2 for sam and sera, 1 for josie, 2 full limb bodies for the 17 in twin berjusa dolls, and 1 for Katja. Oh yeah I need one for my secrist missy 17 inch doll too. LOL I need lots of bodies. Probably forgot a couple too.