Ok need advice about a kit im losing my mind ugghh lol

Could someone please tell me if u order a baby an it says in the description that it comes with head an limbs connectors an a special flannel body!! Would you assume it came with a vinyl torso with a flannel body that goes inside the torso or do flannel bodies have connectors I’m losing my mind trying to figure this out

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No, I would expect the head, limbs and the flannel body with the connectors…if they intend to send a vinyl torso, that would have been specifically mentioned as most reborns don’t have the vinyl torso - they are cloth.


Ok so do you no if flannel bodies come with connectors??? I never had a flannel body that had connectors that you use to connect the torso to the limbs this is the description I just wanna beable to put her together the correct way I was thinking it was like some of Linda Murrays kits with the flannel body that goes into the vinyl torso

I see now why it is confusing - and I would be confused by that language too.

If this were a full torso doll with the flannel inserted into the body it would only need one connector like Mulan below …which needs a connector to pull the arms on – so maybe the person used the wrong term in the ad. They probably meant the plastic rings or a neck connector. Just guessing of course. What kit did you buy? But now that I see the written description I’m thinking it might mean the plastic rings or neck connectors (like Blinkin & Nod).

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My bet is that they are talking about zip ties to secure the limbs and head to the body. Maybe you could contact the seller and have them tell you exactly what they are?

I don’t wanna put where I purchased it don’t wanna cause any trouble but the kit is Fabrizia by ping lau I think I spelled that right she came with a full body torso with connectors I was thinking that the flannel body that I didn’t get goes inside the torso like Linda Murrays maria kit I have the head on this kit don’t seem to fit right in the neck looks like she has a very long neck for a baby I will buy the body I don’t mind just don’t no what kind to purchase for her torso I did email the women I bought it from an she said she sent me the vinyl torso I know u don’t need a body for all torsos just think the head may fit better on this one an just was under the impression that’s how it came thanks for the info I really do appreciate it :slight_smile:

I do NOT wish that bodies would be included with kits; so far I have found only one doll maker that has made bodies for her kits that I was happy with. All the others either needed corrective “surgery” or/and ended to be used for another kit, because they were either too small of too big for the one they were made for. I prefer to make my own bodies. Although apparently, the new BB bodies are good.


The new bodies are nice, but are a bit narrow through the shoulder area…I ordered two and tried one on a doll temporarily and it looked okay…The body is narrower than the old one that’s for sure.

The body I loved the most was the one I got with Fern – it fit her perfectly. Here’s a photo showing the belly and tush, then the doll dressed both as boy & girl. I know a lot of people didn’t care for this baby, but I still like her


i agree, if it just said connectors and flannel body and no mention of the torso

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Thanks for your help I have yet to see a body like that with the connectors well I’m gonna have to figure out how to get the head to attach to the neck better it just looks funny her neck looks so long for a baby I was thinking maybe I could open the hole in the head a little just a little nervous to cut it lol thanks again very much appreciated I wish the full torso babies came with the cloth body inside they just one are easier to fill an to me they are more squishy and cuddly ok well I’m gonna root Asher some more today an just put that kit to the side for now an pray for a lot of snow my way so they cancel work an I can stay home an work on my babies :slight_smile:

I have never seen a body like that thanks I learn something new everyday with reborns that is a pretty cool body

Wow. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve done kits with cloth bodies and kits with vinyl bodies and connectors but never one with a cloth body and connectors. I would contact the seller and talk to them about it and get a clarification.

It looks like the neck of the body is too long judging from the armholes. I’d shorten the neck about 3/4 to 1 inch and see if that corrects it before cutting the head. You can undo stitches but not holes. Also, the arms and legs have flanges. If the head does, too, you could just use zip ties instead of the connectors.