Ok I see now Bindi is on sale on Thur

Id like to order a bindi for myself but only see binki listed/
Does this mean there are no bindis left or do you have to specify which one you want.
Today I slept in so dont know how it was listed before.
Thanks Debi

Please read this thread:

I am not a big monkey fan personally and I would never go to the expense and time of reborning one…but at this price, I thought I would order one just to finish up and give to my son for a christmas gift and I agree with whoever said it before…what is the difference in paying full price for a kit and then later finding it on sale at 1/2 or more off retail price?? You can look at this kit and tell that it is not going to have the craftmanship in it as if it was hand done by an artist…so I don’t see why it hurts anything…its Nevin’s site and if he wants to offer it…so be it…jmo!

I’m not on a certain side or anything, but i am going to order the Bindi foy my sister’s 12th birthday November 20th. She would LOVE a monkey for her birthday even if it is the ready-made ones.
Although, if I was to buy a reborn monkey for myself, I would still pay higher price to a reborn artist for the quality and micro-rooting.