Ok i have to say that my secret sister is a big tease!

Christmas arrived early for me today. My secret sister really really did outdo her self on this one and you will be able to see for yourself in why I am calling her a “tease” She has been VERY GENEROUS throughout this pleasant endeavor and she is from dover delaware and I am almost certain that I have had transactions with her before… the city/state sticks out in my mind, her handwriting looks familar and even her tone in the handwriting…it’s like she really knows me…but I want to stay surprised so I’m not going to snoop on the member side and try and find out who she is BUT… I LOVE YOU TO PIECES…and I hope I don’t be a naughty girl and open all my presents before Christmas Want to peek inside the box? I must admit when I felt how heavy the box was, the postage on the box $23.00!! and when I initially opened the flap, I saw a fuzzy blanket…well you know waht I was thinking was inside it right… a reborn and I am sure my mouth was hung open as I trying to figure out what in the world my SS had done with her generousity this time…there was a note inside of it on the very top stating that all opened presents was for my november gift however for my last/December gift, she wanted to put a twist to it and do it like an advent calendar and so I have 25 individually wrapped presents in it to open and they are #'d as to the day of the month I am to open them. Waht is so funny is I do this for my mom from the 12 day to the 25 day and in the back of my mind, I have always wanted someone to do this for me and someone I don’t even know and probably didn’t even realize that she was making a dream of mine come true…thus I have tears of joy in my eyes that I am so touched and blessed by the friendships that I have made on this forum. Thank you so much secret sister from the bottom of my heart. We have been gone all day, we had my 6 yr old sons birthday party away from the house and so this is first I have been home to open the box and take pics etc to share with my friends. I truly have the best secret sister with the biggest heart in Delaware

Now I am going to find a nice BIG basket to put them in and open them one by one and think of my secret sister each and every day Thanks again for spoiling me

now that is just great what a heartwarming story that you had alway’s wanted someone to do this for you and boom, there ya to

Now you have something to give you a giant smile everyday, Enjoy

Thanks Norma Jean Isn’t she just a sweet heart!!! It’s not you is it?? I’m sure your a sweet heart too!

Nope not me, I did not sign up for the SS or swap babies. Plus I’m in MI

Oh my, how tender is that? What a fun thing for you to do. I would love that too.

Awwww that is so touching, what a beautiful thing to do!

Very nice!! You don’t have to wait til Christmas to eat those Lindt truffles do you??

Wow, how very creative and generous! Have Fun!

No, I can eat the truffles and dress my babies now with the onesie/outfit and I have that ribbon candy too that I can partake in Isn’t she just the BESTEST!!! I can’t wait to find out who she is

What a great idea! Enjoy and keep us posted as to what’s in those little packages!

That is such a neat gift to give!! I’m sure you are excited to open them…how fun to have something to look forward to everyday!!