Ok as a girl?

I wanted this baby as a girl but want your “gender opinion” please!


Thanks and thanks for voting…she is the Nina kit

I think she is a very feminine and delicate little girl.

beautiful baby girl

Wow! Stunning either way! I voted girl, though.

Ok girl is winning by a landslide so girl it is, thanks for your help in deciding ladies!

SHE is gorgeous! I can’t wait to start on my Nina.

Well, I voted girl…but maybe if we’d seen her dressed as boy? Either way, she/he is stunning!

I voted girl, she has a soft serene look to her. She is adorable! Now I think this one could also be a boy if you so desired, by changing out her girl colors and swap the bow for a crib cap…I think she is cute just the way she is and she is so pretty! Great Job.

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I agree with Jude1. I bet if she was my baby, I would be tiptoeing and being very quiet around her. Even though she is a doll she will bring a lot of calm and quiet to a room. BOL on her!!!

Thanks ladies…I love the kit…I bought THREE

She is beautiful! Where can you buy the Nina kits?

Thanks ladies

Nice try Kelly!!

Murrie… babyfia07 here on the forum had some…pm her and see if she has any more.If not try www.dollsbysandie.com

Thanks Kim, found them!

I see a very dainty girl! I love her she’s gorgeous Kim!!