Oh yeah, oh yeah

spencer went back on sale and I GOT HIM!!! I also got jewel too!!!
This old lady is so happy!! LOL

Dacia, when you grow up i will be seeing your name with all the great reborn artists! I saw a doll you made and it was beautiful! There will be many people wanting one of your dolls. I applade you!

Every artist reborns their dolls throught their eyes. This is why i call them OOAK! The more reborning you do the better you get.

There you go!

Darcia How old are you ? I read that you have been reborning for several years -You are amazing I didnt even know that you werent an adult !!!

she is not 12~!!! wow good for her then if she is i didnt know there were reborners that young! i knew ashley was young. good for you girls!