Oh, Silly Me -

For thinking the Deal of The Day was strictly DOLLS


— Begin quote from “judy”

For thinking the Deal of The Day was strictly DOLLS


— End quote

You too? I thought I was the only one!

lol, i guess I thought it was gonna be just kits to ,

I thought it would be little things like I dunno know an eyelash?

DebiC -

That is too funny. Could never tempt me with that

But one kit a day certainly would


Well I was hoping it wouldn’t always be a kit because really who CAN resist that temptation EVERYDAY!!

I believe I saw somewhere that they will not combine shipping on Deal of the Day. I could be wrong, though.

I was wrong. Went back and looked and this is what I saw.
Each Deal of the Day is valid for that day only, and cannot be combined with any other specials or offers

It means that if you dont purchase and pay on the day you miss out. Will not stay in your cart overnight When the offer expires its gone. I dont know who thought up the brilliant sale idea but it has disadvantaged a lot of regular buyers. Especially those from overseas. I sent an email and got a very matter of fact reply. Was not impressed. Good on them for having some cheap products but it should benefit all! IF i buy one thing the shipping is automatically over $30 so I will re thinking any future purchases from BB sale or no sale. I was mistaken in thinking that the sale items were going to be dolls. I think that was probably wishful thinking!!!

I was thinking it would be eyes and stuff but a kit everyday would be cool but the shipping would be a lot. If you go to the Bountiful Baby Announcements it says that they will not combined shipping for they deal of the day.

I know what it says but doesnt make it fair!

It’s a limit of one Deal of the Day per order.

Remember, often our Deal of the Day will be below cost. If we did not impose the limit, people would stack up their order for a couple of weeks, asking us not to ship until they had two weeks worth of nothing but the Deals of the Day in their shopping cart. That would mean everything we sold to them would be near or below cost. We cannot do that.

So, it’s a limit of one Deal of the Day per order. And each Deal of the Day expires when the next one begins, and cannot be held over.