Oh no........stranded?


Prayers for safety for your husband @Simone and for all in hurricanes path ! @Estelle85 if you don’t evacuate- main concern inland will be high winds and flooding -expect loss of power - and if at all possible fill up all vehicles before the storm hits -one problem after Harvey hit here in ms was people having to come inland for gasoline even hours away from New Orleans - not sure where u r on this map but found this interesting info of how much rain to expect

Prayers for safety !!
@AmandasBabies great info -I think I want to download that app in case of an type of emergency!


Fayetteville. They have not released us from school yet either. I’m a teacher.


All of you guys be safe! Sending prayers for everyone that’s in the path of this monster. I have so many friends and family thatnlivebin SC NC and VA. If you are leaving, get ready and leave now!


Be as safe as you can be.


I hope they do that today. They already started forcing evacuations on the coas… two hours inland isn’t that far away. Maybe they are still waiting to see if it will turn at all so there won’t be such a direct hit?

This thing is nearing category 5 and they are expecting it to strengthen, so this is scary. What a stressful situation, especially when you add kids in the mix. Hope you are at least in an area that is not prone to flooding.

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.


Tell him to get out of there. I live in southernLouisiana you can say I’m a little(ok a lot) scared of hurricanes. I know how they turn at the last minute.


All of you be safe❤️


@Tungaro Thank you! My husband is in no immediate danger from this storm — he is in southern West Virginia and they are expected to get a ton of rain and we live on a hill there, so he’ll be okay! He knows to get prepared. Prayers for all -----


Tell him to get out of there. I live in southernLouisiana you can say I’m a little(ok a lot) scared of hurricanes. I know how they turn at the last minute. Prayers to all in its path.


Me too. Ugh.


Everybody please be safe!


You are 2 hours inland? Do you have a concrete home? If so I would stay. Just have everything you need to ride it out.


You are pretty much in the same path as my friend, she;s in Shallot, and she’s leaving tomorrow. She was able to find a hotel 3 1/2 miles inland. BE SAFE 1




I am curious if I should.


Just remember-nothing is worth you life. I have never been in that situation. here in Ohio we really have to deal with the winters, but I think I would leave.


Unless you are low lying and get close to flooding over a bad thunderstorm I would stay. That’s pretty far from the coast. Your going to get a lot of rain and schools will close but if it were me I would stay. We are 15 mins from the beach and stay. It will be okay.


Rain doesn’t bother me but if the winds are strong. I am also worried of tornadoes spinning off. I haven’t decided but I am going to pack up some of my reborns and documents today.


It looks like you will be on the west side of the storm. We were on the east side of Irma where there are more tornadoes. It was loud at times. You will mainly be a tropical storm by then or cat 1 maybe. Do what you feel is right :slight_smile: In our case Flocks of people came up from south Florida and it was gridlock everywhere. I wasn’t going to be stuck in my truck lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I see the path has shifted - I hope DH is able to come and get me this weekend.