Oh no........stranded?


My DH and I came home to KY for Labor Day; he went back but I made a last-minute decision to stay here to do some bidness.

My DH was going to come back this weekend to get me but with this hurricane coming to the East Coast, I don’t know if he’ll even be able to — and I don’t have my reborning supplies here with me!!!

OMG!!! :scream::scream::scream:


You just described hell. We went to Florida and got stranded there once.


Oh no! Perhaps he should quickly ship them to you. :blush:

Do you have some yarn and a crochet hook at least?


Sitting here in North Carolina remembering Hugo demolishing everything in his path.If it hits us I guess all my babies will be hanging in trees.May even see a few limbs growing on the branches.


@DollyPardon I don’t have ANY reborning supplies here - my NuWave, my ring light — NOTHING! He can’t ship all that here…Yes, MERCIFULLY I do have some yarn and crochet hooks!!! :tired_face:


@Theara He isn’t in any danger, thank goodness, but he is sure to get deluged with rain!!! He’s in southern West Virginia.


I was eleven when Hugo hit but I still remember it like yesterday. We were in SC then but I’m in WNC now. I’m stocked up on water, chef boyardee, and beer just in case! Hope you stay safe!


I was thinking that at least you could probably GET some yarn and hooks if you needed to. But, I see you are prepared! :slight_smile:


Oh dear! Y’all who are in the hurricane’s path, please be safe! Go west!!!


I remember my cousins ridding out Hugo and then coming to Georgia after it was over to stock up on groceries to take back home.


I don’t know if I should stay or leave. I am 2 hours from NC coast. Everyone hear is buying things but no one has talked about leaving…
I am going to start packing dolls tomorrow.



Yikes! I’d be prepared to leave just in case.


You are too close for comfort, @Estelle85. This thing strengthened to a category 4 and they are saying it’s on the high end of that. I would be prepared to leave just in case.


If it was me I would pack up my photos/valuables anything I could not replace and get the heck out of dodge. Even if it’s not a CAT 4 which they think it will be at landfall they are saying some places may see 2 feet of rain. Flooding is just as bad if not worse then high winds. Remember what Harvey did to TX, was it last year or year before? Anyways point being they said TX coast would get 2 feet of rain and it ended up being closer to 6 feet. I would not risk staying!


Now im nervous. Yikes.


I don’t miss Carolina Beach, lol! Stay Safe everyone in it’s path!


I am not even sure where to go. It seems as if the entire worst part will be over NC. Maybe Tennessee or Washington DC for that could get expensive over time. Also about 68 hours away. They haven’t canceled our school yet which is crazy.


Just seen this posted on fb and thought it might be worth sharing.


I always send a prayer up during hurricane season. Praying everything is OK.