Oh my, Li!


Just finished this little man(Li by Priscilla Lopes) this morning. I really wasn’t super thrilled with this kit(as I loathe setting eyes) and kept pushing him to the back while working on others this last couple of months. It wasn’t until I had him put together that I fell in love.:heartpulse:
This was the first kit I have bought from this sculptor. I think she did a great job. The vinyl was very easy to paint. The vinyl is a little stiffer than most. Not sure how easy it would be to root.


He is very cute!!!




Wow!!! Great Job!


He is adorable and so is that outfit.


Just gorgeous. You did amazing job he looks so real and what a perfect size.


He is so beautiful! And you did such a good job!


Someday I will own one of your gorgeous babies :heart:


He’s lovely! Nice work.


Thanks so much, ladies!:kiss:


This is the cutest Li I’ve seen yet! :heart_eyes:


Wow, you did an awesome job on him.


Oh my word, he’s GORGEOUS!


Wow he’s beautiful. I love his facial coloring. Great work!


Your version is fantastic. Love painted hair!!


He is beautiful! You did an amazing job on him! Honestly one of the best versions I have seen!


Oh my gosh, he is adorable and what a bunch of happy cows!! LOL


He’s gorgeous! Good job.


You did an amazing job !!! He is precious !!!


Does it even need to be said - !!! Amazing realism!!! Wow!