Oh I wish I could get this doll. Misty by MPL

This gal has a Misty by MPL for sale for $185 on dollfan she is so pretty:


I would love to have one of these but know I would wake up one morning to find that my cats have chewed the fingers off.
All my babies sit on shelves out of the cats reach, anyone else have to do this?


My cats won’t go near any of my dolls. I have been looking at that misty for days. Oh if only I had the money.

Oh your so lucky!! I have one kitty that loves to chew on and play with plastic/vinyl/rubber. He ruined one doll…chewed a finger and a toe off…I put band-aids on her boo boo’s and finally just threw her away (lucky she was a berenguar). I know how it is to want a doll you can’t get!! Oh my achy breaky heart!!


What is MPL?

I have four cats and only one is a boy. A BAD boy. But so far he’s content to manhandle the girls and knock every unbolted thing off every surface every night. He’s ignoring the babes lol.
BTW catgenie self flushing cat box is the best thing ever invented! I own three and I never have to touch a litter box! Just an aside from one cat owner to another. ;0)