Oh geezzz

I have a zero feedback bidder winning my auction now…normally if they are from the U.S. I will cancel thier bid but what if she doesnt understand english (she is from Spain) and doesnt realize she was suppose to contact me before bidding ?? I have over a day left on the auction…would you cancel it ?? The acct is not new…

I dont want t post her Ebay ID without good reason but if you have run into any trouble with a zero feedback that their Ebay ID starts with
Marig please let me know! Thanks

I would give her the benefit of the doubt first and if she doesn’t follow through then you could use the second chance offer for the person who bid before her. No sense in losing a sale for nothing.

You are probably right Lora…guess I will just hold my breath!!!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Hope all works out the way it should.


Thanks…she is outbid by the original bidder at this point but she may come back…I would rather not worry about her paying so I kinda hope she doesnt come back!!!

Well good luck!! Hope everything works out for ya!

I have to honestly say I have better luck with 0 feedback people paying then I ever do with powersellers or people with a lot of feedback lol. The two non-paying bidders I ever had both had feed back that was way up there lol I have never had a 0 feedback person not pay.

Well the zero feedback lady ended up winning…and paid right away so I guess you just never know!!!

Congrat’s Kim, Glad it worked out

I’m glad that one of your beautiful babies are comming to my country!

I’m spanish too…if you (or anyone else of the nice BB friends) will ever need translation services, I’ll be pleased to help and I’ll do my best.

There is good and bad people everywhere, I guess…


Congrats Kim

Usually if I hear from a zero feedback person it is a good sign, some of those pay faster than seasoned buyers.

Thank you ladies
And thank you Rosa, its nice to know you can translate if I need it!!!

I’m pleased to hear that it all worked out for you.

Congratulations Kim …I’m so happy it worked out for you.

Congrats! Now aren’t you glad you didn’t cancel her bid!!!? LOL