Oh carp!


I’m cleaning up our dining room table and here sits some thing that should have been in the rr box I sent. I will get them mailed off on Monday. If you recieved a package from me, please know there’s more coming. Sorry 'bout that.


lol, carp!

[size=28]^^Oh no!!!^^[/size]


Something like that is what flashes through my head every time I say it.


RJ’s, I think you might mean me: Rhonda E? My goodness what more could you possibly send? My gifts were fantabulous!


Yes you! I have a lovely red white and blue stuffed animal as requested. I think my youngest played with it since I’m sure it was in the box.


LOL! My youngest is 31, so I’m trying to relate! Maybe you’d prefer to give it to him if he likes it that much? (Though I’d fight him for it! LOL!!!) Whatever you wish. I’m trying to think which baby I want to turn into a butterfly…that was such an incredible gift! I adore specially handmade stuff.


Carp! sounds so much like the expletives used on SpongeBob Squarepants "barnacles! " is one we use around here. LOL thanks for the laugh !

Tammy, thanks for the visual !! Laughed at that too !!!