Oh boy.............here we go


Just sent my latest toddler off to her buyer first thing yesterday morning and this is what I received today:

Hi. Please if you have not sent sent her yet I need to ask if I can get my money back. I have a family emergency and need the money desperately. I hate to ask but don’t have any other options. Thank you

We’re leaving for a one week vacation on Saturday. Timing is everything ain’t it? I’m in Ontario, Canada and the buyer is in Vancouver, Washington. I told her to send it back once it arrives. I paid 65 CAD to mail it, she may change her mind once she sees how expensive the shipping is.


Damn. That sucks. Can you contact the shipping agency so that they ship it back to you instead of shipping it to her? I would not send the shipping cost back to her. Not your fault.

Would be nice, but I doubt she would. I will be honest. I know stuff happens, but I read so many of these “family emergency” cases, I don’t believe them anymore. Some people spend more then they can afford and are ashamed to admit that in reality they don’t have money for a reborn doll.


Too complicated…I’m in Canada and she’s in the US. I’m pretty sure there’s no way they can re-route it now. I don’t plan on refunding her the original shipping cost. I agree with you, it’s getting all too common anymore. I wonder if this happens with other items on ebay?


I probably wouldn’t have said anything before my vacation — LOL!


I would at least make a phone call and ask. If it’s too complicated they will tell you. It is worth a try. Nowadays where every package has to go through one million of scans and is tracked down at every corner it shouldn’t be such a great deal.

Probably, …too many people out there who don’t have their sh*t together (pardon my language) and spend way too much , or who change their minds all the time, not taking in consideration the trouble they put the seller through.

But sadly the reborn community seems to attract an awfully big amount of - how do I put it nicely - “special” kind of people, who pull this stuff All. The. Time. ! :expressionless: More than in other branches. I never read about so many incidents like this elsewhere.


@ Amethyst LOL


If she doesn’t open the box and writes “refused” on the package, will they send it back without repaying for postage?
Honestly, I would have contacted PayPal before communicating with the buyer. I sent a doll internationally and the buyer didn’t want to pay for the custom fees. PayPal left it up to me whether I wanted to refund or not after the doll was returned.


What a bummer!
I had someone do the same to me once on a set of twins that I’d just mailed. I emailed her back and told her they were already in the mail and since they were already on their way I was sorry but I couldn’t do the refund. I never heard another peep from her and she never returned the dolls.
I think mine was getting cold feet about how much she spent, and I’ll bet that’s the case with yours too. But I’ll bet she’ll be fine once she sees how beautiful your reborn is!




I checked the tracking earlier and it’s already in the processing centre in Toronto.


I put ‘returns accepted’ in my listing so I don’t have a problem with her returning the item. It’s just really nerve wracking when I’m going to be leaving for Mexico in a few days. I don’t have a cell phone so I might not be able to check my email. I probably shouldn’t have listed it before our trip. My fault.


It’s not like it was a ton of money…she was only 375 USD. You would think she’d be glad she was getting my Peggy for such a low price. Most toddlers sell for around a thousand. I’m glad it worked out well for you and your buyer didn’t return the dolls. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re right about her wanting to keep it.